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The D900 S Curve surface-mounted LED is Brightgreen’s first ever carbon neutral downlight. Offering a low-profile, easy-to-install design and Tru-Colour technology, the luminaire provides unmatched sustainability and versatile style to complement modern interiors.

Although surface-mounted LED luminaires are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency benefits, lighting specifiers are still opting for recessed downlights because of their minimalist appearance. The D900 S Curve was designed to combat this trend – providing energy efficiency in a slimline design.

The D900 S Curve is available in black and white with either 25 or 40-degree directional beam angles for general or focused illumination.

Key Features


Slim-Line Style

Designed as a more efficient alternative to the standard recessed downlights commonly used across Australia, the D900 S Curve offers a similar look to traditional downlights, without requiring ceiling cutouts or gaps in insulation.

Unlike other surface-mounted designs that have an obtrusive presence and typically measure over 100mm in height, the D900 S Curve has a height of only 26mm.

The low-profile luminaire, available in both black and white colour options, can easily be paired with matching ceiling paint for a seamless look, or with contrasting colours to create a bold design statement.


New Heights in Sustainable Design

The D900 S Curve is the first entirely carbon neutral product in the Brightgreen range. As part of the company’s B Corp Certification and its ongoing commitment to meet higher standards in social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, Brightgreen plans to offset the carbon footprint of future products, with the D900 S Curve being the pioneering product.

By eliminating the need for cutouts and gaps for insulation usually required in recessed lighting, the D900 S Curve offers a viable alternative to recessed downlights by reducing energy costs and improving overall home thermal efficiency.


Hassle-Free Installation

The product’s low-profile design and hassle-free installation process was achieved using numerous technical innovations.

The D900 S Curve is the world’s first Tru-Colour luminaire that can be wired directly into the AC mains. It features an onboard electronic driver, eliminating the need for bulky electronic transformers, as well as a unique twist-lock luminaire replacement system – so only part of the product ever needs to be replaced.

The design also allows electricians to daisy chain multiple luminaires together during the wiring process, drastically reducing installation time.


Tru-Colour Technology

The D900 S Curve incorporates Tru-Colour technology to better represent more colours on the visible spectrum to enhance the appearance of skin tones, design details and interior colours.

This technology surpasses industry standards in colour rendering – increasing the visual impact of interiors and providing more vibrant and lifelike colours.


Unbeatable Longevity

With a LED designed to last for up to 70 000 hours, alongside a simple luminaire replacement system, and seamless compatibility with leading home automation technologies, the D900 S Curve is designed to meet each homeowner’s needs now, and for years to come.

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