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Brightgreen’s high-performance D700+ LED downlight incorporates numerous design innovations to provide more flexible, sustainable, and ambient interior lighting.

Its unique, glare-minimising form projects illumination that silently champions interior architecture and features, minimising the dazzling effect of unwanted light spill. Combining premium componentry with Tru-Colour light quality, the D700+ is engineered to enhance the appearance and comfort of interior spaces over its exceptionally long 70,000-hr lifespan.

The D700+ is available in black and white, with options to tailor the luminaire to complement interior colours and accents using interchangeable fascias and filters.

Key Features


Low-glare design

Featuring a patented low-glare lens deeply recessed into the body of the fitting, the D700+ allows designers and architects to achieve better ambient illumination than is possible with other downlights currently available on the market. By shielding the light source from the viewer’s direct line of sight, the D700+ has an unimposing presence in interior spaces, offering both increased comfort, and a unique aesthetic impact.


Endless styling options

An interchangeable fascia and filter system gives users greater control over the style, colour and lighting effect of the D700+. The fitting can be installed trimless, for a pared-back look, or with any of the following attachments:

Fascias (available in silver, black and paintable white finishes)

• Flatline – for simple styling
• Portal – for a focused beam
• Capsule –for an oblong beam
• Heavyweight – for boldly defined fitting (also available in hot orange and marsala colours)


• Honeycomb – for a focused beam
• Opaque diffuser – for an even wash of light
• Amber – for colour correction, or a extra warm glow
• Blue – for colour correction, or a blue tint


Next-level efficiency

As with all of Brightgreen’s products, every possible measure was taken in the design process to ensure the sustainability of the D700+. In addition to its energy-saving LED efficiency, the D700+ features a distinctive ball and socket universal gimbal, allowing the light to be articulated 20-degrees in any direction without allowing conditioned air to escape through the ceiling. The D700+ can also be abutted and totally covered in insulation, further increasing overall home thermal efficiency. These features combat the fundamental efficiency problems presented by conventional recessed LED downlight designs.


Tru-Colour light quality

Surpassing industry standards in colour rendering, the D700+ is measured against Brightgreen’s advanced Tru-Colour metric. Tru-Colour light illuminates higher levels of more colours on the visible spectrum to represent interiors and the people in them more accurately. As a result, the white light projected by the D700+ complements interior details, colours and skin tones, making them appear more vibrant and lifelike.


Exceptional product lifetime

Designed to last for up to 40,000hours—27years on average daily use—the D700+ is designed to evolve with needs and tastes of homeowners throughout its lifetime. Providing a timeless foundational aesthetic and infinite styling options, the D700+ allows users to alter their lighting scheme over the years, without having to replace the core unit.

The D700+ is 98% recyclable and free from environmentally toxic materials. To ensure that the product does not end up in landfill when it does eventually expire, the D700+ can be sold back to the company for recycling as part of the Brightgreen buy-back scheme.

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