Brightgreen Surface-mounted LED Wall Light Collection


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The Brightgreen surface-mounted wall light collection includes 4 luminaires that provide market-leading, Tru-Colour illumination while simultaneously functioning as sculptural artworks.

Featuring Curve and Cube designs in 2 different sizes, the collection offers designers unparalleled flexibility – allowing them to play with the balance of light and shadow like never before.

Key Features


Providing designers with complete flexibility, each light in the collection features an easy-to-install, protractible mounting system, allowing the luminaires to be safely reoriented to suit changing interior needs over time.

Offering 4 artful designs with lumen output options of either 200lm or 900lm, designers can mix and match the luminaires, playing with a combination of different shapes and sizes to create a truly dynamic lighting design.


As an ideal source of peripheral lighting, the surface-mounted wall light collection allows designers to create different lighting scenes and increase ambience when used in conjunction with overhead lighting.

Each light in the collection features a 360° body rotation and universal gimballing, allowing designers to modify the direction and shape of the beam. Ideal for areas that call for orientation lighting, the collection can be configured along hallways and staircases to navigate the viewer’s eyesight with ambient illumination.


Available in white and silver finishes, each surface-mounted wall light has been hand cast from pure aluminium to blend seamlessly into any colour scheme.

Offering designers unlimited creative options in their lighting design, the artful collection can be arranged to create geometric patterns on walls, or installed in a simple succession for a minimalist, modern look.

Designers can play with the unique shadows cast by the Cube and Curve shapes of each luminaire to create different compositions during the day and when the luminaires are illuminated at night.


In addition to the collection’s unique, hand-crafted aesthetic and user-friendly design, each luminaire features Tru-Colour technology. Engineered to replicate the warm Australian sun, the Tru-Colour spectrum surpasses industry metrics for light quality, scoring highly on TM-30, CQS and the extended CRI scale.

By incorporating more colours on the visible spectrum, the wall light collection enhances the appearance of architectural spaces – providing soft ambient light that represents interior colours with more accuracy.


As part of Brightgreen’s ongoing commitment as a B Corporation, the surface-mounted wall light collection has been designed to eliminate the need for cutouts and gaps in insulation – resulting in better home thermal efficiency while saving homeowners on energy costs for years to come.

Each surface-mounted wall light can last up to 40 000 hours and when the luminaires eventually do expire, users are encouraged to recycle the collection through the company’s buy-back scheme.

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