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The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra is a period instrument orchestra specialising in the performance of baroque and classical music.

Brandenburg had long considered creating a dedicated online space to deliver its physical concerts in a digital environment. With COVID-19 halting in-venue performances, Brandenburg needed to remain connected to their audiences and a means for the show to go on.

Bravo partnered with Brandenburg to create Brandenburg One – an inventive online content portal acting as a digital stage. As well as premium content for their committed subscribers, the platform showcases free performances for the general public, with new releases added fortnightly.

Key Features


Brandenburg One was designed to deliver high-quality content for subscribers and non-subscribers in a dedicated environment that allows Brandenburg to maintain brand control.

5000 subscribers purchased a Brandenburg 2020 season pass and, when COVID-19 hit, were given the option for a refund or to donate the fee. Over 50% of subscribers chose to donate – Brandenburg One is a key tool to thank them for their financial support with the continuous delivery of premium content.

The most engaged audiences are some of the youngest (25-34) and oldest (65+), demonstrating the functional / aesthetic appeal and accessibility for a wide range of users.


With physical performances limited to Sydney, Melbourne and occasionally regional Australia, Brandenburg One has shown engagement in 66 countries globally plus all across Australia.

The most engaged age group is 25-34 year olds – a demographic that is usually difficult for Brandenburg to attract, opening them up to a new market.

The next most engaged age group is 65+, showing the solution is also accessible and well-catered to their core audience who typically prefer in-person experiences to online ones.

Using a bespoke solution allows Brandenburg to collect donations, providing financial support to their business at a time they need it.


Over 50% of tickets for the new digital season sold in under 24 hours and email subscriptions have increased substantially– a result of a more digitally connected audience

Brandenburg is implementing new campaigns targeted at the younger demographic attracted by Brandenburg One to grow their market share.

The foundation of Brandenburg One is built for ongoing enhancements; as usage increases, Brandenburg will extend the experience with new features and content, creating an expansive library of Baroque music.

Brandenburg One is built on an open-source content management system that gives their team the autonomy to control content and release new material.


An immersive split-fullscreen video experience upon arrival guides visitors to select the relevant entry point for them, with lively footage of the orchestra in action revealed as the visitor moves their cursor around the screen.

A large custom cursor on entry adds some playfulness and clear guidance to the experience, changing colour and message between the two entries into the site. The custom cursor also persists into the site, growing and shrinking as it moves between interactive elements.

Bursts of colour are used as momentary image placeholders as the page is scrolled, quickly departing to reveal performance imagery.


The website integrates with Tessitura, a CRM and ticketing platform extensively used in the Arts. This integration enables exclusive Subscriber Access to eligible visitors without requiring any additional signing up to the service – one less username and password to remember!

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