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The brief for Bowery was to create a friendly, approachable brand for a land estate in the new suburb of Deanside, that focused on community, plans for the future and the natural landscape.

The client was keen for us to create a simple but powerful identity that could stand out in a highly saturated marketplace and really resonate with potential purchasers.

Key Features


As Bowery was inspired by the area’s agricultural heritage, we really wanted to find some way to bring that to the fore. The notion of growth was fundamental to our brand proposition.

Originally we had hand drawn our Bowery logo so that it had a hand crafted feel. However, we felt we could take it further.

We made a stencil of the logo and created the logo using objects like grain and leaves. Once we’d crafted the logo, we photographed it and bingo, we had a hand crafted logo that epitomised the history and nature of the area.


The unique design concept that we created for Bowery was utilised through all collateral, from brochures and plans to the website and display suite.

Upon the project launch, the sales agents reported that the potential home buyers were responding very positively to the brand, in particular the manner in which the design conveyed a picture of a premium, yet welcoming new community.


A quality brand and design is key to any land estate marketing campaign. Essentially a land estate is just a patch of empty land until it is given an identity through design.

Since the inception of the brand, Bowery now has a sense of place. You can visit the on site display, look through brochures and see how well designed signage has defined the space. Perhaps the biggest transformation is that Google Maps now recognises the estate.


Perhaps the most innovative aspect to our design for Bowery was the idea to handcraft the logo itself. It was an approach that has really helped foster a connection between the estate and the land, which has resonated really strongly.

We also designed the Bowery brand to be adaptable so that it could be repurposed for the developer’s second land parcel located several kilometres from the original site. With subtle colour and text changes we were able to launch a second estate that built on the equity of the first.

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