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Bowen & Queens was a brand we created to assist in selling a new, off the plan apartment development in Bowen Crescent, Melbourne.

When we were brought into the project, the developer had already commissioned photography, artist impressions and a video without having chosen a name or brand direction.

This meant we were given the task of retrofitting a concept around the items that were already underway, whilst ensuring everything still felt organic and relevant.

Key Features


Our brief was to create a brand that felt prestigious, emphasising a connection to nature that was one of the unique attributes of the building.

To achieve these results we opted for a restrained colour palette of green and tan, with accents of metallic copper. We also created a duotone leaf background which we utilised to varying degrees across all collateral to subtly reference nature.

Our typography was clean and minimal, which when combined with large, powerful imagery and bursts of white space, created layouts that were easy on the eye, yet still able to convey our core messaging.


The Bowen & Queens sales campaign has yet to launch publicly, however, we have seen strong results from our initial registration of interest campaign.

This ROI campaign was very minimal, with only a large scale sign on the site inviting prospective purchasers to register their interest on our website in order to be among the first to purchase.

The simple bold messaging of the sign and streamlined user experience of the website have resulted in solid levels of registration with minimal visitors bouncing back off the site without registering their details.

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