Bottle Rocket


  • Fergus Brown Design


Bottle Rocket is a craft beer designed with the intention to intrigue onlookers and challenge conventions of the typical market.
The unique concept of a chilli-infused beer is presented to an unassuming market through a visual personality that is equally as unusual as the beers ingredients. My design hero’s the chilli in every aspect of its appearance. Characteristics of heat, power and intensity are delivered through features of shape, imagery, texture and a stark colour personality of black and white against fluorescent red/orange.

Key Features


Through the packaging of my design I have essentially set a challenge to my audience, asking; are you daring enough to try this beer? The beers name, its physical shape, the cautionary colour scheme, use of exclamation marks, and the included warning label on the back all work to present the bottle with a unique and powerful appeal of danger and strength.

I have offered the chilli as the beers most powerful feature, highlighting its attributed personality in every aspect of the bottles design as an attempt to have the audiences sense of intrigue overpower their potential aversion.

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