Bombin coat-stand


  • Troy Backhouse


Empty your pockets, hang up your jacket and take off your hat…
Bombin is designed to maintain an organised entrance while catering to a quick grab and go of items on exit. Coat stands should make a statement, as they are often the first thing viewed at an entry point.
Inspired by traditional valet stands the shoulder width bars enable you to drape your jacket in a wrinkle free manner ready to wear. The small tube hooks are perfect for hats, scarves and umbrellas, while the central tray is functional for smaller belongings.

Key Features


Bombin with hand made components is an all in one entrance organiser
constructed from a combination of certified solid timber dowel and powder coated mild steel with feature fixings such as marble to finish.


1. The flat steel bars are shoulder width to allow you to hang jackets. This is an alternative to hanging directly onto hooks, avoiding creases so they are ready to wear.

2. The dish was incorporated to organize smaller items such as keys, a watch, jewellery, and those objects that are usually scattered around the house or office.

3. Small tubes were added to the dowel to allow for the hanging of other items such as hats, scarves and bags.

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