BoDW 2016 – BlackBOX


  • Design Insitute of Australia
  • Monash University
  • Diadem


Business of Design Week (BoDW) is Asia’s leading annual event on design, innovation and brands – a five-day conference that attracts more than 120,000 visitors from all over the world.

Each year BoDW appoints an international guest city or country.

To support a Melbourne bid for guest city in 2018 the Design Institute of Australia developed a design strategy for the crucial BoDW event in December 2016.

Diadem and Monash University implemented the strategy with the installation in Hong Kong of BlackBOX – Melbourne Design and Innovation at Inspiration Hall and a popup installation at PMQ.

Key Features


A purpose built ‘black box’ stand and unique lighting system was designed to maximise the impact of the curatorial research from Monash University researcher and curator Ian Wong.

BoDW visitors were intrigued by the unique and innovative installation delivering a virtual user experience of 36 projects from Melbourne.

Projects were curated strategically to focus attention on the diverse professional design sector and emphasise the breadth and depth of innovation and design from Melbourne.


Key projects like successful kick starter products OrbitKey and the Oi bicycle bell from Knog were central to communicating to the BoDW committee the contemporary and vibrant nature of the Melbourne design scene.

Sustainability was also a feature with projects like Keep Cup and the 321 water bottle. The sustainable curatorial practice and exhibition design utilising 3D printed cubes and an app for the exhibition was also an important part of the strategy.

No need to transport the actual objects to Hong Kong incurring shipping, insurance and associated logistic expenses.


BlackBOX – Design and Innovation | Melbourne Australia is an exhibition that celebrates design and innovation from Melbourne Victoria Australia.

The black box flight recorder was invented in Melbourne in 1957 by David Warren. Adopted as a standard air safety device it is installed on all commercial aircraft so this innovative research has had global impact.

The pure geometric 3D printed cubes represent solid state memory and reference the idea of the black box.

Strategically the idea is that you will be surprised and delighted by what Melbourne design has to offer, just like you are surprised as each virtual archive is presented to you in the unique “BlackBOX” experience.


The IOS low energy bluetooth user experience platform was developed in Melbourne by Art Processors. Key to the strategy was to promote this world leading museums and art gallery user experience platform.

In addition a new Android based augmented reality platforms was commissioned to enhanced the audience user experience in Hong Kong.


In May 2017 the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced Melbourne had been selected as the partner city for Business of Design Week 2018

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