Bluetooth Speakers with Soul


  • Boe Design


Hundreds of millions of radios were produced around the world in the decades before FM and digital radio were ever conceived. Today millions still exist as beautiful dust collectors, cluttering bookshelves, garages and secondhand shops, but when was the last time you turned one on?
To breath new life into these beautiful old objects, Boe is removing some of their antiquated and unreliable electronics, and retro-fitting a brand new bluetooth compatible amplifier, turning obsolete radios into modern bluetooth speakers. They are merging the old cases and speakers with new power and connectivity, giving bluetooth speaker functionality with old-world charm.

Key Features


Waste reduction by finding a new use for old obsolete radios


Reduction in unnecessary manufacturing by avoiding the manufacture of complete new bluetooth speakers and batteries – Our only new components are a power supply, a circuitboard, and some wiring. No new casings or speakers. Instead of fitting a battery we have provided a cable to connect to users existing battery packs.


We hope to be able to change people\’s minds about buying used products by melding new product benefits with old product style, opening the door for greater re-use.

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