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Where people enjoy every day.

BlueCross has a celebrated history as one of Victoria’s leading aged care providers. Following a merger with Sapphire Care, the combined entity now operates 33 aged care homes, supporting more than 2,500 residents and over 1,000 clients living in their own homes.

Following the merger, there was an opportunity for the organisation to look at its positioning in the marketplace, reassess its brand and effectiveness of messaging. R-Co was engaged to assist in developing a strong single brand to differentiate and position BlueCross as the trusted and leading provider of aged care services in Victoria.

Key Features


The solution was developed around the idea of a connected community and unifies the brand name with a stylised cross to create a revitalised brand impression. Each circle of the cross represents BlueCross’ brand five values of safety, excellence, partnership, kindness and choice, whilst building on their broader vision to create better lives for people across all their communities.


Two organisations coming together to form a single entity is a complex exercise.
There is the business aspect, but importantly the What, the How and the Why of the brand needs to be communicated to internal audiences and then into the external marketplace. The project brief was in two parts, firstly undertake a Brand Strategy to provide a deepdive diagnostic view of the two companies Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, then secondly, to undertake a Brand Identity design program that brought the Brand Strategy to life as a compelling visual solution which would then extend across all communication channels.


The new BlueCross identity has had immediate acceptance by all audiences and the five circles are embedded into BlueCross culture as a graphic language. Not only do they reflect the five values, they provide a fun way to connect the brand with people. The coloured rings have been used for morning tea doughnuts, games, cakes and other expressions, bringing a light hearted relationship with the humanity that BlueCross represents.
The organisation has bonded together because the identity speaks to every individual. The identity has assisted to visually express the BlueCross corporate purpose.


Most Aged Health Care providers in the sector present an image of caring conservatism. R-Co challenged the belief that the older generation don’t appreciate contemporary imagery.
The surprising outcome of this brand change was:
1. The graphic solution of BlueCross was composed into a singular graphic that was both word and image.
2. The words and letter forms enabled the symbol design to be a unique and succinct statement of intelligent wit.
3. The bright colours convey a sense of optimism
4. The Brand Strategy of “where people enjoy everyday” was reflected in the joyous of the BlueCross mark.


An important element in this identity program is the integration of word and graphic to create a single brand mark. The unique challenge was to combine a visual element with the corporate name “BlueCross”. The fact that there is a singular creative idea, that mirrors the word “cross” with a symbolic form to create the identity, is the intelligent imagination that makes this identity so engaging and distinctive.

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