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With a simple twist and go action you can attach the Ribbon to your shirt, t-shirt or jacket and have streaming music at your fingertips without having to touch your phone. The Ribbon can be used with the supplied true-to-life earbuds or your favourite headphones. As the Ribbon includes a 3.5mm aux cable you can stream to virtually any speaker simply by plugging the cable in. This works in the car or in the home and turns any stereo into a Bluetooth streaming powerhouse. Old iPhone docks are instantly transformed into streaming speakers all with CD quality sound.

Key Features


Ultra-portable – Everywhere You Go, Take The Music With You
As you commute to work on the train reading the news, there is no need to quit browsing just to change tracks. Simply press the button on the Ribbon to skip and carry on multi-tasking. Use your Ribbon to stream music in your car and change tracks without touching your phone. When you get home carry on the party by simply plugging into your speaker dock and keep the tunes pumping out. You can even use your phone as a remote control.


CD quality bluetooth streaming with aptX
The Ribbon includes aptX for \’wired\’ quality streaming Bluetooth music. This is as good as it gets for streaming audio fidelity. Simply pair and connect your aptX enabled device to the Ribbon and you will instantly hear the difference


Make and take Calls on the go at the touch of a button
The inbuilt microphone allows you to make and take calls while you listen in HD quality. You can even start Siri or Google Voice Actions to take control of your phone. This allows you to read and send to text messages by voice through your Ribbon. The iPhone battery meter shows your charge level. We have also included an Android application so you can hear your messages on the go.


Simple one touch controls for calls, music and texts.
Simply press the intuitive buttons on the Ribbon to control the track and volume and to answer and end calls with no need to get out your phone. Setup in seconds and listen all day.


More energy and power saving.
With 6 hours of play time and 250 hours of standby the Ribbon delivers long playback. Rapid charge enables 50% in 30 mins, with a full charge in less than 2 hours. When no phone is connected the Ribbon will automatically power off after 5 mins to save power so you have juice for your tunes.

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