BlueAnt Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece


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The Q3 utilises the latest technology to bring true-to-life conversations to the next level. Double the bandwidth between the phone and the earpiece ensures the highest fidelity sound is achieved. The custom tuned speaker driver and dual microphones maintain exceptional call performance. This combined with world class Wind Armour Technologyâ„¢, noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies, brings a new dimension to your calls. To help you make the most of your true to life conversations, BlueAnt have introduced conference mode right into the earpiece. Available in Black or Platinum to match any occasion.

Key Features


Wideband Speech for the ultimate in call clarity, this delivers crisp clear audio and virtually any conditions. The speaker has been custom tuned to give the best speech performance on the market and the dual phase matched microphones keep the voice integrity paramount in all communications. As the Q3 is voice controlled it is designed from the ground up to deliver speech as it was meant to be heard, with plenty of headroom.


Ergonomic comfort and intuitive user interface for all day use.
The Q3 requires just two buttons for operation, an iconic volume rocker (that can be inverted for use on either ear) and a command button for instant access to the intuitive voice control system. A simple double tap and you invoke Siri or Google Voice Actions to access text messaging, gps directions, emails and calls with your voice. The all day comfort of the Q3 complements the long lasting 7 hour talk time. Weighing in at just 9 grams the Q3 shows that big sound and lasting comfort can come in small packages.


Conference mode delivers the ultimate in call control at the touch of a button.
With the simple touch of a button you can answer, reject, hold, merge, swap and end calls without ever touching or looking at your phone. There is no other earpiece that even comes close to the level of agility shown on the Q3. Featuring multipoint enables the user to have multiple calls on multiple phones and join calls on the same phone to form a conference of up to five parties and still swap to other calls or the other phone. The command button just became your personal switchboard.


Caller name announce with unlimited contacts and voice answer.
When a call comes through from a connected phone that supports phonebook access profile the Q3 will query the phone and always get the right info to read out the caller name. It is then a simple matter of saying answer or ignore to handle the call. There is never a need to update the contacts on the earpiece as they are the same ones stored in the phone read out on the fly.


Always be in control with iPhone battery meter, Smartphone battery notification and our Android application.
At a glance you can see the battery level of the Q3 on the iPhone\’s screen, when you ask the earpiece to check battery it will respond with its own battery level and also the battery level of your connected phone. This is really useful when you smartphone is in your bag or pocket and you may not be aware of the remaining charge. A2DP let\’s you listen to podcasts, music and directions on the go while our Android app reads back text messages as they arrive. On iPhone Siri will read these back for you.

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