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The Blue Tongue Energy Park is advanced, feature-packed economic, social and environmental architecture. The product repurposes hot exposed parking areas into cool, energy generating spaces that integrate water harvest, smart lighting, EV charging, advertising in a modular format.

Combating crowded insufficient commercial roof space – the Energy Park produces Megawatts of power daily right where it’s needed. There are 41,000 open car spaces in Melbourne, enough for daytime power with this system. 700,000 tones of Co2 could be removed from our atmosphere each year Australia wide – all paid for by reduced power bills.

Key Features


Sophisticated, future proofed relocatable structures providing climate protection and a reduced carbon footprint. A product designer’s answer to underutilised urban public space.

The design features – Power generation, water harvesting, lighting, EV charging, advertising, bird, sun and rain protection in a minimalist package using high carbon Australian steel.

Extensive detail design went into visually slimming all components with internal integration of services. Centre poles and truss sizing was reduced by 50% enabling less visual impact overhead and better traffic flow.

The offsite power hub and online telemetry allows all weather electrical maintenance with no disruption to business.


Energy Park venues have seen an increase in people willing to venture in adverse weather. During Covid 19, the energy parks are being used for markets and outdoor retail where social distancing is easier.

Car owners feel safer as their cars are not heat or hail damaged.

CFO’s note that the Energy Park generates its own return on investment, raises their environmental image and is a long-term income generating asset.
Managers note increased retail and restaurant income at Energy Park sites
Each carpark space reduces green-house emissions by 2.5 tones PA, reduces carpark heat and collects 5.2 cubic meters of fresh rainwater PA


Our design ethos is centred around people and business sustainability, with a very high environmental contribution – 500% + overbuild debt. Cooler cars for Hospital patients, shoppers and the elderly together with high volume green power and water harvesting. The 30-year service life relocatable components include – Galvanised high carbon Australian steel, UV proof panel framing, Integrated AC power circuits, pole inserts & updatable aesthetics. The design incorporates updatable back-lit pole inserts for advertising, replaceable under cladding and replaceable panels on track frames. These systems facilitate future aesthetic and technology updates, to help future proof and extend life cycles.


Through structured design development, The Energy park is a future proofed, building integrated solar structure.
Using renewable power simulations, we have an optimised solar generation platform. There are no solar clamps, the panels slide out on custom tracks
Extensive detail design went enabled slimming of all components whilst adding unobtrusive integration of services. Sensor lighting and back lit I beam poles complete the advertising space and lighting package.
The offsite power hub allows all weather electrical maintenance with no disruption to business
The center poles were reduced in size by over 50% using stronger Australian steel.


Blue Tongue Energy Parks are manufactured in Victoria as an urban infrastructure system that provides employment across a wide range of disciplines – all paid for by green power energy offsets to business.

Job sectors required for each site:

Mechanical, electrical, civil and renewable engineers
Accounts, legal, compliance, inspectors & regulators
Steel production, fabrication, metal finishing,
Underground drillers, concreters, plant operators, logistics and transport
Surveyors, Builders, plumbers, electricians, & drafting.

It’s a simple versatile system when complete, and we use many skilled Australians to achieve this.

There is international interest also as it’s the only complete system on the market.

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