Blinder Road 3 Front


  • Knog Pty Ltd
  • Catalyst Design Group Pty Ltd


The Blinder “Road 3 Front” is Knog’s newest see-by USB-rechargeable bike light. Super bright, lightweight, compact and waterproof, it is perfect for commuting in the dark. Customizable beam shapes and high, medium and low beam settings enable it to be adapted to a wide variety of riding conditions and preferences. A lock-in tab on the underside of the headlamp fits two removable straps; short and long, for use with 22-28 and 29-35mm diameter bars respectively. It plugs directly into any computer USB port providing convenient recharging at home or at work.

Key Features


Design-engineered lens optics for custom beam-shape selection.
The lens geometry has been engineered to provide 3 different beam types; narrow, wide and dual focus. The narrow beam provides a more focussed but longer throw of light. The wide beam provides a more dispersed and shorter throw of light. The dual beam (both LEDs on) provides the best of both worlds.


Integrated thermal-management, adaptive-response design.
The incorporation of thermal-management through the use of a die-cast heat sink delivers a cooling mechanism that operates when the bike is in motion. Internal sensors monitor and regulate light output to prevent overheating when the bike is stationary. The combined use of these two features helps to ensure the light maintains optimum performance and reliability.


Intuitive user-feedback and convenience.
Hold the left button down for one second and release to switch on or off. Quick presses allow you to cycle continuously through modes. The corresponding red/green LED located to the left provides battery low indication and is the charging status indicator when plugged into a device. The right button provides Hi/Medium/Low-beam toggling. High and low beam states are indicated by the green/cyan/blue (low/high) LED located to the right of this button. A USB plug provides convenient recharging at work and home in any computer USB port or approved USB wall charger.


The light caters for a wide range of bar diameters. Two removable straps have been designed (short and long; fitting 22-28mm and 29-35mm bar diameters respectively. A helmet mounting kit has also been designed to provide an alternative mounting option. The lock-in tab feature on the underside of the headlamp also provides an upgrade path for alternative and additional mounting options to be designed in the future.


The Road 3 Front is made from high quality materials that enable seamless integration with the bike. UV-stabilised silicone, hard-wearing stainless steel, textured and anodised finishes all help to maintain a high-quality aesthetic for a long period of time. Intelligent battery storage is built into the design. Users are encouraged to implement this mode as a means to optimize battery longevity. Powered by industry-leading CREE LEDs and lithium polymer, the light pumps out 300 Lumens on it\’s highest setting and maintains up to 80% of stated run times for at least 300 full charge cycles.

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