Blinder MOB Front


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  • Catalyst Design Group Pty Ltd


Blinder MOB Front. “Be-seen” rechargeable lights for all types of urban riders. With a unique ‘flat-faced’ body shape it is more compact and aerodynamic than competitors. Custom-designed optics provide different beam spreads and applications; from Eyeballer ‘s focused 15 degree beam to Mr. Chip’s wide 120 degree beam. Unique flash patterns are integrated to suit each model’s core purpose. Achieving peak brightness of 80 lumens in strobe flash and 50 hours in eco flash, most models also have reflective faces for enhanced visibility. Two removable silicone straps enable fitment to bars that are 22 to 32mm, including some aero bars.

Key Features


Blinder MOB front lights are an evolution of the Blinder 4 model. Integrating a series of improvements and simplifications, we have been able to deliver even better performance for roughly the same price. By integrating the USB plug into the main housing, we have reduced the number of parts. Providing removable straps enable better adaptability and in addition can be replaced should they happen to break for any reason. Four out of five of the models offered also integrate reflective treatments on the front lens, thereby enhancing visibility.


Button UI is much more responsive, providing more immediate, tactile and audible feedback to the user. The charging status bi-color LED (red/green) and L.B.I. indicator (red) have been separated to either side of the button for enhanced user feedback. The surface modeling of the clasp provides a generous ‘easy-to-grab’ area to enable quicker attachment to and removal from your bike.


Being an in-house brand means that we have direct exposure to all of our customers and their feedback. That in hand with rigorous product testing which includes BETA prototype testing, pilot production runs for user testing and production cycle testing all contribute to the improved features you see in the Blinder MOB front light range when you compare them back to the original Blinder 4.

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