Blinder 1 Light


  • Knog Pty Ltd
  • Catalyst Design Group Pty Ltd


The Blinder 1 is a bicycle safety light that shines bright at 20 Lumens (front) and 11 lumens (rear). 100% waterproof and light as a feather at 15 grams. Burning for 2 hours on constant and 11 hours on eco flash, this little light will get you noticed. Fully recharge in just 2.5 hours using the integrated USB plug and be on your way.

Key Features


Bright and compact.
The Blinder 1 lens optics are engineered to produce a wide beam angle. Surface mounted LEDs combined with a lithium polymer battery provide the basis for a very compact design that is easily attached, detached and stowed away.


Personality and style.
Match your frame and compliment your own style with a choice of 6 different faceplate styles available in a range of fresh and contemporary colours.


Intuitive user-feedback and convenience.
Hold the button down for one second and release to switch on or off. Quick presses allow you to cycle continuously through modes. The integrated LED located to to side of the main LED provides charging status indication. Utilise storage mode to optimise battery longevity if disuse is over 2 weeks.


Reduces landfill.
Maintains up to 80% of stated runtimes for at least 300 charge cycles which calculates to a saving of at least 600 AAA batteries over it\’s lifetime. Hard-wearing, durable materials such as UV-treated industrial silicone is over moulded onto a polycarbonate housing, with a neat and solid aluminium faceplate. Recyclable and biodegradable materials have been used in the packaging. These materials include a sugarcane byproduct called bagasse which forms the pulp tray and the cover sleeve is made from PET.

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