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The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is the world’s smallest digital film camera. Lightweight and highly portable, it is designed specifically for shooting cinematic quality video in difficult environments, confined spaces and the harsh, remote locations synonymous with documentaries, independent films and photo journalism.

Designed entirely in Australia and costing less than $1000, it is another revolutionary step in Blackmagic’s effort to democratise high-end filmmaking technology.

Key Features


Next evolution Blackmagic Cinema Camera takes high-end image quality to new creative places.

While the Blackmagic Cinema Camera did much to challenge industry perceptions, some still felt the design had practical limitations. It was evident that many users required something even less conspicuous, especially when shooting crowds and volatile situations. Lighter and more compact; picked up in a heartbeat to capture fleeting moments or concealed in small spaces for unique viewpoints. These insights presented an opportunity to further disrupt the notion of cinema cameras as heavy, complex and unwieldy by developing a miniaturised cinema camera that could be taken anywhere.


Unique industry form factor: compact and versatile for challenging environments.

While the compact stills camera format of the Pocket Cinema Camera is common outside of the industry, it is revolutionary for cinematography, providing optimal ergonomics and the greatest opportunity for miniaturisation. The comfortable grip houses a removable lithium ion battery, critical for extended on-location shooting. The Active Micro Four-thirds lens mount, engineered for precise optical calibration, allows full electronic lens control and is easily adapted to a variety of lenses, from inexpensive consumer optics to high-end cinematic lenses. This flexibility represents expansive creative freedom for amateur and professional filmmakers alike.


A miniaturised cinema camera opening up new creative opportunities; the first digital cinema camera that can truly be taken anywhere.

Every component on the Pocket Cinema Camera was meticulously detailed to achieve the smallest possible footprint. Through careful consideration of manufacturing processes and mechanical assembly techniques significant reductions in size, weight and cost were achieved.

While miniaturisation clearly enhances portability, it more importantly delivers vast creative potential to the filmmaker. One tenth the size of typical cinema cameras, it gains access to previously inaccessible locations and confined viewpoints. It encourages spontaneous shooting and discrete filming of sensitive news gathering situations.


Precision engineered for quality and practicality, the Pocket Cinema Camera excels in a range of conditions.

Cutting edge high pressure die casting was employed to create the lightweight and exceptionally strong magnesium alloy chassis that thrives in harsh, hostile environments. Every other sub-assembly fixes directly to this part, ensuring excellent assembly fitment and a high perception of quality.

The minimalist form is elegant yet practical; soft surface transitions allow the camera to slip in an out of a pocket or backpack with ease, and the silicone grip offers secure, comfortable handling over long shooting sessions.


Regular video cameras clip video and compress files, degrading quality and producing footage with lost detail in highlights and shadows. This presents problems downstream during post-production when such detail cannot be recovered.

The Pocket Cinema Camera possesses an exceptionally wide 13 stops of dynamic range, producing stunning footage with a compelling cinematic ‘film look’. For a camera of this size, it captures unprecedented depths of detail in high contrast and low-light environments. It records high definition lossless CinemaDNG RAW files, ensuring that virtually all sensor data is preserved, providing maximum creative flexibility in the post-production process.

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