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HyperDeck Extreme is the world’s first 8K HDR broadcast recording deck, designed specifically for digital signage, archiving and live productions like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Its vivid 2500 nit 7” HDR touchscreen monitor is twice as bright as leading smartphones, offering gestural media control and diagnostics through the intuitive Blackmagic OS.

Key Features


The world’s first 8K HDR broadcast recording deck, the HyperDeck Extreme is a future-proof design prepared for the coming surge of 8K live productions, like the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

With the rise of global streaming services, preserving cultural diversity by maintaining localised content is vital. Recording 8K directly from old video tapes, professional analog inputs allow conversion of legacy programs to high quality streaming content, while a bespoke search dial with electronic clutch adapts to the active search mode for responsive media control.


As global streaming services become more prevalent, it is becoming increasingly important to preserve cultural diversity by maintaining localised content. The HyperDeck Extreme solves this issue by providing institutions and archival houses with an affordable means of converting legacy programming to high quality streaming content.

Recording and editing 8K directly from up to eight traditional video tape decks, the professional analog inputs of HyperDeck Extreme allow efficient conversion of legacy programs to high quality streaming content suitable for the likes of Netflix, Amazon and other services.


The revolutionary capabilities and approachable interface of the HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR reinforce Blackmagic Design’s ethos of empowering people with accessible, cutting-edge video technology. An affordable, future-proof investment, it has resonated with independent producers looking for difference-making technology to enhance increasingly innovative workflows. Significant demand is already driving sales in over 80 countries worldwide in excess of predicted forecasts.


The accurate reproduction of light, colour and focus is critical when monitoring and recording multi-camera live productions. This is heightened exponentially when considering the detail inherent in native 8K footage.

The world’s first 8K HDR broadcast recording deck, HyperDeck Extreme’s vivid 2500 nit 7” HDR touchscreen monitor is twice as bright as the world’s leading smartphones.

Embedded with the intuitive Blackmagic OS it offers gestural control of focus, framing and diagnostics. Larger and sharper than most monitors, its ultra-wide 135° viewing angle allows accurate evaluation of footage, whether in a controlled studio environment or in broad daylight.


Coping with the unprecedented demands of live 8K workflows, the HyperDeck Extreme possesses an innovative ‘cross-flow’ thermal system that moves air laterally between adjacent products, ensuring on-going performance throughout high pressure live broadcasts.

Backlit for use in darkened production facilities the control panel employs tactile cues, size differences and refined materiality to organise buttons into familiar, clearly delineated clusters for Playback, Recording, Editing and Transport control.

Integrated carry handle and detachable rack ears allow the modular 3RU system to be broken down for efficient transportation or desktop use, allowing broadcasters to remain agile and responsive.

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