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Cintel is the world’s first affordable motion picture film scanner, acquiring stunning real-time Ultra HD scans for under $30,000. Compact and simple, it replaces bulky, complex units costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, eliminating the need for expert assembly and operation.

This has profound cultural implications for institutions and creative individuals alike. Libraries and museums can, for the first time, affordably scan vast catalogues of fragile archival film, preserving rare and important historical footage against inevitable degradation. Independent filmmakers may now harness the timeless image quality of motion picture film, confident in drastically reduced production costs and lead times.

Key Features


Commerciality – The world’s most affordable Ultra HD film scanner

Motion picture film scanners can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. With bureaus charging over $10,000 for a single feature length film scan, it was clear that an affordable alternative was needed to democratise this otherwise exclusive technology.

At one-third of the cost of similar products, Cintel incorporates innovative mechanical and electrical solutions to achieve significant efficiencies in size, part count and assembly.


Form – A breakthrough industry form factor

Cintel’s architecturally minimal visual language is unique to the industry, emerging naturally from a thorough process of mechanical rationalisation and size reduction.

More than just an elegant shroud, the extruded aluminium enclosure is integral to the strength of the overall structure. Highly space efficient, the simple, rectilinear form fits seamlessly into contemporary interior spaces.


Function – An inclusive approach to traditionally complex procedures

Traditional film scanners can be highly complex and intimidating to operators. In light of this, Cintel is an approachable, intuitive design pared back to its essential elements. By removing all superfluous detail only critical functional elements remain, providing a clear, legible workflow free from unnecessary complexity.


Innovation – Gentle handling of rare and fragile film

Cintel’s spherical RGB LED illumination chamber achieves sharp, high quality scans at real time speeds, and ensures that fragile film is not exposed to the damaging thermal stress and colour fading effects common to traditional scanning lamps. The patented diffusing sphere technology also removes dust and scratches, eliminating a labour-intensive, time-consuming process from archival and restorative workflows.


Quality – Future-proof System

Highly upgradable, Cintel has a long effective lifespan. Future-proof electronics and a modular camera allow for image sensor upgrades, while smooth accelerating digital servo motors demand less power and relieve stress on assemblies, further extending its life and reducing waste.

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