Blackmagic Audio Monitor


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The Blackmagic Audio Monitor is a versatile, professional quality tool for analysing embedded audio signals in video. Used in video post-production, broadcast television and motion picture production, it is the first audio monitor to provide a built-in high resolution display so that audio signals can be referenced against video footage of up to 4K resolution in a single device.

Key Features


Engineered for optimum sound quality in challenging environments.

The simple, minimalist form is underscored by high quality, acoustically neutral materials. The front panel is extruded CNC machined aluminium with an anodised surface, providing rigidity without reverberation, which is highly detrimental to sound quality. With over 2,000 CNC machined holes, the speaker grilles are robust enough to offer physical protection without impeding sound.
Internally, a pair of acoustically tuned horns direct sound through small openings in the front panel. This provides an accurate tonal balance and bass response, clear and loud enough to be heard in noisy studios or broadcast vans.


An intuitive, clear interface is critical in high pressure, dimly lit broadcast environments

With an intuitive workflow, the back-lit interface of the Audio Monitor has been pared back to provide error-free activation of critical functions. Brightly lit RGB LEDs, the 54 individual VU meter segments are optically isolated to provide clearly delineated audio levels without any light bleed. This ensures highly accurate monitoring, even at a distance. The audio control dial houses a highly responsive, contactless magnetic encoder for precise volume adjustment.


Product Architecture – Configuring speaker elements to minimise height for compact environments.

With space being severely restricted in outside broadcast vans and smaller Electronic News Gathering (ENG) vehicles, the enclosure of the Audio Monitor has been minimised to achieve the smallest possible footprint without compromising sound quality. In order to achieve this, the internal sub-woofers are mounted horizontally and nested tightly with the smaller, front-facing full range speakers.

This highly space efficient configuration allows the Audio Monitoring Bridge to fit easily into a single rack unit height of 44mm, which is critical for use in mobile production environments.


The refined consideration of materials and finishes enhances usability and performance.

The precision machined aluminium fascia communicates a refined sense of perceived quality rare in such devices, allowing it to sit comfortably in the most contemporary post-production environments. While it is visually impressive, it is more importantly engineered to provide strength and rigidity for rack mounting, with an anodised satin finish that offers tactile contrast to the high-grip silicone buttons, helping to further alleviate operator errors.


The world’s first audio monitor to include an integrated video display allowing referencing against Ultra HD 4K video footage.

Monitoring audio signals without a visual reference can be problematic, especially in high-pressure live broadcast environments where the management of such levels is critical. The high resolution LCD display in the Audio Monitor means that signals can be aligned with confidence to the footage being displayed on the screen. The advanced high speed 6G-SDI input and HDMI 4K output also allows connection with Ultra HD TVs and projectors for even more refined visual feedback.

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