Billi Instant Boiling & Chilled Filtered Drinking Water


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An instantaneous chilled and boiling water delivery system featuring environmental improvements to create the lowest carbon footprint option in the current market. With a pre-filtration system to provide health benefits, eliminating sediment, chemicals and heavy metals from town supply water.

With 3 models including Lever, Touch electronic and Touch remote, the range also incorporates an industry first flush mount integrated bench font and flush in wall Touch remote option.

Redesigned from every aspect with a people focus, from usability, lifestyle, living and work trends as well as sensitivity to contemporary interior design.

Key Features


1. A new benchmark system

Billi captures a renewed passion for home cooking and entertaining in multi-functional living spaces by providing highly convenient, instant, pure boiling and chilled water to empower people to do more.

The range responds to changing needs, new ways of living, user experience expectations, methods of interaction, interior design trends and energy efficiency.

Through aesthetics, robustness and performance, Billi also appeals to commercial and institution applications where convenience, hygiene, sustainability, aesthetic and cost benefits are crucial.

The Touch control interface has been developed to provide a simplified ease of use for dexterity impairment needs


2. Functional style

Billi integrates functionality aspects such as user touch points of safety switches, interface controls and operational levers into an aesthetically balanced, cohesive tap, sympathetic to its environment and associated appliances.

Elegantly styled and ergonomically designed, Billi is a pleasure to use. You simply press a lever for momentary flow, suited for a single cup or lift for continuous flow. A swivel action allows you to swing the dispenser out of the way for more bench space. Cast from solid metal alloy, the dispenser is designed to withstand the rigours of high-use environments.


3. Improved Mechanical accuracy & reliability while creating a more compact product.

Billi is a highly accurate mechanical and electronic delivery system for precise water flow with new levels of user controlled flow and tactile operational feel.

The longer levers deliver far greater flow control and reduced user force to activate than any competitor. The electronic touch interface model provides convenience, simplicity, easier cleaning and a more robust product whether in home, office or the most challenging environment, institutions.

With a focus on space saving, the compact Billi Home systems is the smallest on the market (up to half the size of competitors) it easily fits within a standard cupboard compartment and allowing users to make the most of their space.


4. Improved user experience

Dramatically improved UI using individual status icons and groupings along with an intuitive logic to enable seamless operation and programming, both for set up and control over the life of the product. Interface icons are context sensitive to illuminate only when they are active or providing important information (such as filter change, water heating up, etc) for easier comprehension and aesthetic integration.


5. The complete system achieves the lowest carbon footprint of any boiling water system in the current market

A main focus has been to reduce energy use. Two intelligent energy saving modes have been incorporated that learn your use patterns to ensure you’re only using energy when it’s needed. An electronic time limiter automatically switches off water if it is left running for more than the pre-programmed time.

Breakthrough Patented thermodynamic heat exchange technology re-covers heat energy from chilling to pre-heat the water for the boiling supply instead of it being lost as expelled air.

Fully ESD (Ecologically Sustainable Development) compliant.

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