Better Ways to Bank


  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)
  • Deloitte Digital



If you’ve got banking to do, these days there are numerous alternatives to visiting a branch. And while this may be obvious to many of us, research revealed that many customers were still coming in-branch for the most straightforward of banking needs. Our brief was to create an interactive multi-channel experience to educate consumers on self-service banking tools.

Within an engagement period of only nine weeks, we delivered a suite of five brochures, a complementary suite of educational videos and a microsite, all designed to educate ANZ customers on better ways to bank.

Key Features

1 is a fully responsive site that’s simple yet engaging, with friendly, needs-based content including seamlessly embedded HTML5 videos created especially for the site. Based on user needs and insights, we identified, storyboarded and produced a total of seven custom HTML5 videos for These videos were informative and entertaining, illustrating how simple, safe and user-friendly it is to do your banking. A distinctive style of voice over, animation, music and colour palette was used throughout to ensure consistency of messaging.

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