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Betfair is one of Australia’s largest sports betting organisations. Their new office was a space that allowed for their vastly growing staff count and provided an opportunity to redefine their company culture.

The space, located in Melbourne, was an empty shell with floor to ceiling windows that provided a flood of natural light into the space. With over 90 staff, the brief was to create an office where it was essential to express that their staff were key to the organisation and its success. Managerial hierarchy was minimised through the elimination of dedicated offices.

Key Features


This project is an example of excellent interior design because it has been designed firstly with the comfort and well-being of the employees in mind, and secondly executes the change management strategy. The branding of the organisation was carefully woven into the design through space planning, colour and material selection, and the cultural change execution through the facilitation of agile development areas, sporting references, collaboration and openness. The incredibly tight stakeholder and delivery team also highlights the importance of alignment where meticulous quality was mandated from the beginning of the project.


Integrating the brand, culture and lifestyle of the company within the space gave increased value to the community that they are now a part of.

Splitting the 24 hour office into zones based on work schedule allows the company to save on ongoing costs, as electronics and mechanical components of areas not in use can be switched off.


This project showcased exactly how thoughtful professional design can cater to the specific needs of a company, and improve not just the productivity of an office, but the company culture itself.


To emphasise the importance of all staff, managerial hierarchy was minimised through the elimination of dedicated offices. From the entry, splitting in opposite directions are corridors leading to different departments of the business. Within each department, quiet rooms and informal meeting rooms are scattered for use – each encompassing the brand colours providing a sense of connection throughout the working environment.

The hub is the central area where individuals are brought together. It includes a games area placed adjacent to a large lounge, town hall seating, and bench seats with coffee tables for people to meet and share meals.


The lift leads towards the waiting area where a neon sign and cosy library welcomes visitors in.
We had devised a focal point in the hub, highlighting the kitchen island with seating that tucks away seamlessly to disappear out of sight. This is a statement piece that draws people in when entering the space. The island bench anchors the branding of the company, which was a key design element we wanted to include in the hub. The hub has soft furnishings that aid in creating a home-like atmosphere due to the 24 hour operation of the organisation.

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