Best Before


  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


‘Best Before’ explores the notion of a trend. As a designer, I find interest in the idea of a garment being so extraordinarily desirable just because we are told that it is. Almost as if garments come with a predetermined best before date, we are swayed to demand a fashion transforming it from a luxury into a necessity. I aim to reconfigure identifiable elements of once loved fashions and present them in a way that will question what makes a trend desirable. Garments take the form of a literal collaging together of iconic moments throughout the 20th century.

Key Features


The freedom to create a collection of garments which express myself as a designer has allowed resulted in a clear direction for future work. Unique detailing including laser cut perspex buckles, buttons and earrings made in collaboration with a fellow maker, as well as hand screen printing throughout the collection further adds to individuality of the collection. Whilst the colour palette and fabrication may be polarising to some, the collection offers a sense of humour to fashion design; forcing viewers to challenge their typical outlook of fashion.

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