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Historically, the takeaway food industry has been waste-filled and environmentally destructive. Solisium is driven to revolutionise that history and show that there’s an alternative future.

At Solisium Group we are global innovators in ecological hospitality. We design products with the aim of accelerating the world’s transition to a sustainable future, by redefining how design, business and people can come together to help save the planet.

An Australian first, our Eco Smart Off-Grid Kitchen represents the future in kitchen design. It draws all its power and water requirements from a standalone solar solution and rainwater system to achieve full independence.

Key Features


The kitchen has been purposefully designed for maximum efficiency and a seamless customer experience.

The functionality forward design features a glass façade with sashless windows, allowing an inclusive sensory experience for the community.

With integrated smart technology and cloud-based monitoring, the kitchen achieves independence without the need for further support from both water mains and grid electricity.

The design allows the kitchen to integrate in the natural surroundings of any location.

We are a bold challenger, looking at the hospitality industry through a new lens.


The kitchen design has a positive environmental impact by generating its own energy and water.

Our sustainability design strategies focus on efficient and effective solutions that use natural resources, and therefore reduce waste and toxins in the environment.

The kitchen design has a positive social impact on the community well-being by providing a takeaway kitchen solution with net zero carbon emissions.

We reduce the strain on grid electricity and reserve supplies, as well as water mains and supply services.

Our portability has a positive impact on the city by ensuring flexibility within the urban footprint.


Our eco kitchen is revolutionising sustainability potential for the hospitality industry.

We are generating new values so as to unlock new opportunities, drive new growth, and deliver new efficiencies in hospitality.

We are forging a new future in hospitality by combining innovation, inspiration and leadership.

We are redefining how kitchen design, business and people can come together to help save the planet.

The multi-purpose kitchen design lends itself to a variety of uses from festivals to events to times of crisis.


Total power requirements are derived from a standalone solar and energy storage solution, via an incorporated rooftop Solar System, with a Tesla battery for additional storage.

Any additional daily energy requirements are supplemented by a connection point for a B100 biodiesel generator. Thus, our fuel is created from waste vegetable oils which don’t increase atmospheric CO2, nor directly impact greenhouse emissions.

The kitchen utilises 100% rainwater captured from the roof via an internal down pipe, fitted with a diversion value. Advanced UV light and micron-filters treat the water to remove all impurities, ensuring suitability for consumption.


The e-water system passes a rainwater and sodium chloride solution through an electrolyser, producing two oppositely charged solutions – sanitiser and detergent – ensuring a chemical free kitchen.

Four extendable hydraulic legs and eight wheels allow the kitchen to be relocated and operated almost anywhere in the world.

Australian made Deco aluminium battens feature on the corners, while two-pack powdered coating achieved the wood grain aesthetic.

Considered lighting and deliberately placed LED strips showcase the sleek architecture of the kitchen in the evenings.

Flexible placement onsite possible via an electric dolly

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