Begin At The Beginning: Melbourne & Olympic Parks Showcase Event


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Melbourne and Olympic Parks engaged Next Marketing to create a brand and design collateral for an exclusive invite only event for 50 industry decision makers. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and the event name was Begin at the Beginning. The design challenge started with the need to create a sense of mystery around the event so the invitees would be intrigued but not really know exactly what the event was all about. The design objective was to create a feeling of decadence and a high level of class and sophistication although the theme was based on a children’s novel.

Key Features


Design Impact

The design of the marketing materials had a significant impact on the outcome. The save the date was the first point of contact and it was successful in getting the guests excited and RSVP secured without giving too much away apart from the date, time and location. 48 of the 50 invited and RSVP guests attended on the night. The overall design impacted every part of the event from the invitations to the food and drink labels at the event itself.


Design Transformation

The investment in professional design played a significant role in the success of the event. The design created the feel of decadence as well as the sense of mystery that compelled the guests to attend. The design was spectacular, impressive and appealing enough for the guests (who are high level corporate decision makers) to give up a night to attend an event that they, in essence, knew very little about.


Design Innovation

The Next Marketing and Melbourne and Olympics Parks team wanted to create a unique experience at every point during the design process. The save the date card used a printing process, known as Skodix, to print clear swirls on the back of the card. The invitee could barely see the swirls, but could feel them. The invitations were hand delivered with a locked box by Styling Hosts. Inside the box was an invitation with the location and event name and a pocket watch engraved with the event date and time. Not much was given away!

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