BeetBox – the world’s first portable Glass Lunch Bowl.


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BeetBox is the world’s first portable Glass Lunch Bowl. BeetBox asks users to “Bring It”, challenging the inevitability of a poor eating experience when bringing lunch from home or taking away from a café or salad bar. BeetBox encourages product re-use, eliminating the need for single-use disposable containers & shorter life plastic containers – while encouraging positive attitude and every-day wellbeing.

Key Features


BeetBox’s design challenge was to offer inspiration, excitement and a quality eating experience in a mundane product category, while retaining fit-for-purpose functionality and exceeding the functionality of existing products.

Existing plastic containers and lunch-boxes stain easily, crack and their seals wear out prematurely. Existing glass containers are heavy or feature bulky, cumbersome clips and sealing mechanisms that are prone to damage and collecting grime.

BeetBox had to combine desired material choices while not impacting its usability in terms of sealing function, weight, flexibility, longevity, replaceable parts & cost.

BeetBox provides an innovative solution to these challenges.


BeetBox champions positive attitude & everyday wellbeing at work, while striving to eliminate single-use food packaging through product re-use. A simple re-usable bowl that can be filled at a café, restaurant or salad bar – eliminating the need for disposable containers.
Re-use is more efficient, and better for the environment than recycling – effectively recycling cradle-to-cradle at each re-use, with: no cost, no down-cycling, and no energy losses.
Designed with dual purpose; to fill at home or use with take away.
BeetBox provides a simple inspired solution to fill at home, reducing domestic food waste while making lunch that is good for your health, the environment & your wallet.


We ask our users to “Bring it.”
And we don’t just mean in the physical sense. We always wanted BeetBox to be more than its function. To feel so good to use, you’d use it more.
100% designed in Melbourne, BeetBox seeks to transform user behaviour. Encouraging more people to bring their lunch to work while reducing environmental impact. Encouraging sustainability, healthy eating and positive attitude to empower people to be their best and impact their families, workplaces and communities in the best possible way.


A superior eating and carrying experience provided by a pure shaped, featherweight, toughened Glass Bowl. Hard to scratch, easy clean, stain free, odorless, no leach – indisputably safe. It’s like eating out of a bowl at home.
BeetBox’s unique patent-pending Membrane provides a liquid-tight seal, with no mechanical clips or features. The Membrane also seals internal divider containers separately from the main bowl, while allowing one or more to be positioned anywhere inside.
The neoprene outer-sleeve holds BeetBox sealed together, while insulating, protecting and providing additional stowage. A tactile, anodised aluminium lid and bold colours ensure a lovable product.


1) Heart of glass (Glass Bowl) – Best for environment and health. Manufactured from a unique spinning process, thinner wall and lighter weight than normal containers:
i) Stain free
ii) Tempered (toughened & long-lasting)
iii) Made for a dishwasher – it dry’s!
iv) Odourless
v) No leach – Indisputable safety
vi) 100% recyclable
2) Patent-pending Membrane
i) Air & liquid tight seal (with low compression force) on containers of various materials and tolerance ranges.
ii) Removable from aluminium lid for microwaving and dishwashing.
iii) Liquid-tight seal on internal containers placed anywhere within bowl. Multiple containers can be used or omitted entirely.

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