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Bauhaus is a highly versatile seating system. Commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria and inspired by the NGV’s Great Hall stained glass ceiling and Alma Seidhoff-Buscher’s timber Bauhaus building blocks. Bauhaus encourages play and interaction, ideally suited across a diverse range of interior workspaces, public seating or education environments.

Key Features


Modular and adaptable in response to the NGV\’s multi-use space with 3.2 million visitors per year to one of the world\’s most visited galleries. It was beneficial that the collection is enduring, beautiful, crossing over to residential and commercial projects in response to the demanding and complex needs of workspaces, educational environments or residential interiors.

We ensured sustainability was designed-in, and the collection could be disassembled and recycled, allowing the products parts to be re-purposed for other products. We also recycle clean fabric offcuts in the creation of all Bauhaus seating models, reducing landfill waste of otherwise discarded fabric textiles.


Social impact: 
* 3.2 million visitors will interact with Bauhaus seating every year. Visitors will explore the inspiration taken from the Great Hall stained glass ceiling while sitting, observing & contemplating.

Commercial impact: 
* Bauhaus began as a collection of interactive seating for the NGV Public Space, expanding to both residential and contract markets. 
* Versatility: Add or subtract backrests, integrated power, screens, & tables.
* Distribution of Bauhaus has expanded to Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Environmental impact: 
* FSC timber with documented provenance.
* Australian production sustains local manufacturing & skills.
* Designed for easy repair, disassembly or reupholstery.
* GECA-certified environmentally friendly materials.
* 10-year warranty.


The collection of squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles grouped in multiple compositions paid homage to Alma Seidhoff-Buscherʼs timber Bauhaus building blocks and NGV\’s stained glass ceiling.

With combinations of no back, backrests, screens for acoustic dampening, tables, smart power integration. Conceived to future-proof clients need by fostering its versatility and responding readily to the ever-evolving needs across workspaces, public seating, or education environments. With a compact 680D mm depth footprint Bauhaus encourages infinite freedom to explore creativity, define incredible interior spaces, creating environments that are uplifting to inhabit and enable social interactions or provide privacy for focussed concentration.
10-year warranty.


Our response to the client brief with the Bauhaus seating system was to develop a collection which explores singular or multiple seating compositions. We created seating elements that were asymmetrical, irregular and linear—encouraging playful reconfiguration of seating elements, defining the needs of an ever-changing space.

The Bauhaus seating system features compact, gently curved, visually bold, soft quilted forms, creating a sophisticated variety of configurations.

Representing dedication and patience, with a strong return to skilled craftsmanship, each seating element comes together cohesively. Masterfully stitched detailing, plump foam densities, create a refined, richly textured dimension to the collection.


Honouring 100 years of Bauhaus and Alma Siedhoff-Buscher. Bauhaus is a highly versatile seating system.

Bauhaus sees creativity at its foundation with the freedom to explore singular or multiple compositions. Creating asymmetrical, irregular forms, linear arrangements, or curved formations. Encouraging reconfiguration of seating elements defining the needs of a space. Each seating model has been carefully designed to blend contrasting and complementary combinations to support either private or social areas within a shared space.

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