Bartco Electronic Fire Danger Rating Sign


  • Bartco Traffic Equipment Pty. Ltd.


Inspired by the tragic events of Black Saturday, Bartco has developed an electronic, automated LED Fire Danger Rating Sign (EFDRS) This sign is solar powered and uses LED indicators to display the relevant fire danger rating to motorists and the general public. In extreme fire conditions, it has been shown that providing accurate, up to date information is vital. That is what the Bartco EFDRS does. In addition to the LED indicators, an LED message panel can also display messages such as “TOTAL FIRE BAN” Information is sent to the sign via a web based interface or CFA interface.

Key Features


The Bartco EFDRS uses high bright LED indicators that correspond with the appropriate fire rating. The LED rating indicators are designed to provide an ascending increase in the indicator size to emphasize the different level and awareness importance of the rating.


Specifically designed LED\’s have been sourced to correspond with the different rating Indicators. High brightness and wide angled LED\’s for optimal viewing was an imperative component.

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