• Minutia Design


A refined drinks cabinet for quality spirits; Barkeep elevates the ritual of mixing sophisticated cocktails while relaxing at home.

During the day Barkeep is a discrete cabinet concealing its contents from temptation; but come evening Barkeep is an accommodating host, who proudly presents its cache of treasure.

The resurgence in cocktail culture has seen a rediscovering of classic cocktails. Barkeep was designed to be a contemporary take of the home cocktail cabinet with a reflective nod to a nostalgic past.

Key Features


The front panel of Barkeep folds down to become a working platform for mixing drinks. The top panel folds back on its self to further open up the cabinet. The inside of the cabinet has three tiered levels to accommodate bottles of various sizes. The tiered levels permit bottles to be stacked behind each other so that the bottles can be easily seen and selected.


The lightweight frame has been designed to allow the cabinet to be an optimum size for a generous home bar without it being too cumbersome or dominating.

Barkeep is handmade with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brass accents in the frame are integral to the structure, such as the dowel pins which act to mechanically lock the three-way joint together. The marriage of structural and aesthetic consideration reveals a joint that is both strong and elegant.

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