Barastoc Brand and Packaging Refresh


  • Birdstone Collective
  • Ridley Agriculture


With the growth in small and hobby farms, our client identified significant opportunities in developing their packaged product range.

Critical to this was a complete redesign of over 100 SKU’s, covering six categories and the development of several design migration strategies for their newly acquired brands. Careful consideration was required to get the most out of the very limited manufacturing process.

Key Features


Our design strategy focused on maximising the shopping experience despite poor lighting, dust and pallet presentation in store.

We began with a subtle brand refresh to enhance recognition in low light. A sash was created to carry the brandmark and range colours, whilst a simplified ‘B’ mark was introduced as a space-saving device. On-pack information has been re-ordered to be read as the shopper approaches the pallet. Engagement comes from a series of aspirational photographs of local animals and their carers.

Additionally, we specified a matte film to eliminate reflection and improve legibility even when dusty.

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