Bank of Melbourne, Box Hill- Feng Shui Design Meets Everyday Banking




Greater group were engaged in reimagining and designing Bank of Melbourne’s Box Hill branch. The brief emphasised the importance of localisation; embodying the culture and vibrancy of the local Victorian community.

The goal: To deliver a sophisticated space that would incorporate the Chinese principles of Feng Shui to appeal to local Customers.

It was key to execute a premium look and feel that would successfully create a comfortable ‘open’ banking environment, as well as creating a branch layout that would achieve maximum positive flow, known as ‘Qi’.

Other areas to be accounted for included 24/7 ATM, exchange machines, platforms engaging customers etc.

Key Features


Design solution merges the principles of Feng Shui into retail banking. Large double-story site incorporates vertical garden, timber, brass and mood lighting for positive energy – referencing a high-end hotel, a dramatic departure from traditional banking.


Centralised ‘open’ tellers, generate a personable environment where customers can interact with staff in a more relaxed manner. 


Interactive walls aimed to engage customers in banking services/community.


Strategic banking zones: express banking, boardroom, 8 private consultation areas, bilingual signage and secure room enabling customers to retrieve safe deposit boxes from a vault without staff assistance.

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