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bankmecu is Australia’s first customer owned bank. As part of the bank’s strategic plan in early 2014, the Board decided to take the progressive step of rebranding from bankmecu to Bank Australia. This strong and unambiguous name would allow the bank to move forward with renewed purpose – further driving its commitment to create mutual prosperity for customers, shareholders and Australia.

We worked closely with the bank’s Board and Executive to form a clear strategy for the brand, culminating in the creation of an identity that represented their values and positioning as a customer owned responsible bank for all Australians.

Key Features


Bank Australia is a bold and progressive name. We worked hand-in-hand with the Board and Executive to formulate the strategy to underpin the new brand; reaffirming the bank’s values, personality and messaging.

With the core idea of ‘Genuine’ sitting at its heart, the new brandmark took inspiration from an open book – a symbol of transparency. It’s what you get when you combine responsible and banking.

All the elements of the identity – the genuine voice, the distinctive colours, the Australian landscapes that form the visual language – combine to create a brand that is truly authentic. And truly Australian.


The process for developing the new brand was completely collaborative – seeking involvement from all levels of the business, from the Board and Executive, through to customer facing staff and old and new customers. This ensured the new identity was true to the banks 58-year heritage and success story as Australia’s first customer owned bank – and that it resonated strongly with all the banks customers and stakeholders.

Above all, the process was extremely transparent and human-centred, a critical aspect to ensure the end outcome reflected the overall ethos of an organisation that has ‘Responsible’ as its core value.


The new identity (and the journey to get there) has strengthened the pride and passion already evident within the business.

To encapsulate these feelings and celebrate the launch, we collaborated with the Bank Australia team to create ‘An Open Book’ for staff. More than a brand book, this document articulated the bank’s reason for being; embracing the people, stories and real-world initiatives (such as the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve).

Since the launch, the new brand and what it stands for has resonated strongly with existing staff and customers, evidenced by the overwhelming positive reaction internally and across social media.


The innovative nature of this project largely lies in the bank itself – Australia’s first customer owned bank. A bank that is completely transparent. And human. Where making a positive difference to customers’ lives isn’t a throw-away line. They prove it every day. Where mutual prosperity means profits remain 100% customer and Australian owned; and investments create social change such as the Bank Australia Impact Fund.

As a creative agency that places humanity at its core, it wasn’t hard for us to collaborate with such an inspiring organisation as Bank Australia. In fact it was an honour.

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