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Imagine a genuinely responsible bank.

Yes, we thought the same thing as you.

We helped Bank Australia get to know themselves through their customer’s eyes using our human-centred methodology to build Australia’s first 100% customer-owned responsible bank. Business strategy was influential to the creation of the brand positioning platform and in turn heavily influenced both identity and the design of content, communications and advertising.

We gave them an identity that celebrates diversity, equality and inclusion — something their customers, employees and stakeholders could be proud of.

Key Features


We were asked to design a new brand for a 58 year old business called bankMecu — the new brand had to take on the big four with a disruptive positioning.

Responsible banking.

The aesthetic highlighted Australian landscapes, diversity, equality and inclusion. Four things no other bank is doing in Australia.


The bank’s infrastcture and internal processes were stressed on launch as they worked hard to keep up with the overwhelming demand from new customers.

Bank Australia won Canstar awards for it’s product offering and is now one of the key players on the Australian banking landscape.

Going from a loyal, 58-year old customer-owned entity to one that now embraces the diversity of the Australia population and is the most progressive, customer-owned responsible bank in Australia is a key impact of the work we did.


As a Design team, we were embedded at all levels of the organisation. From board meetings, executive through to employees (new and old) and the communities the bank served.

Design touched all areas of the organisation to see this as a true transformation.

Design thinking and human-centricity were at the heart of all efforts to transform this business.


Sitting in service centres watching how customer interacted with tellers, listening to disgruntled and happy employees, as well as engaging with the board and executive to understand the culture was a key part of building this brand.

We also iterated the everything from the logo through to the tone of voice, and key visual/verbal brand artefacts. Listening to feedback and improving.

The brand book which was given to all employees on launch asked them to reimagine the bank’s values and identity, opening up a dialogue to continually improve what was already done.


How many banks can say the are responsible?

How many can celebrate marriage equality, diversity, equality and inclusion in the financial services sector?

Not many.

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