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bankmecu is Australia’s first customer owned bank. As part of the bank’s strategic plan in early 2014, the Board decided to take the progressive step of rebranding from bankmecu to Bank Australia. This strong and unambiguous name would be the first step in owning the positioning of Australia’s first 100% customer owned responsible bank – further driving its commitment to create mutual prosperity for customers, shareholders and Australia.

We worked closely with the Board and Executive teams to develop a brand strategy, communications, design and user experience platform that was both genuine and human in every aspect.

Key Features


Using a human-centred design methodology, we began with empathy development, engaging a large number of people in and around the organisation – a group of people who readily embraced design thinking and a more human-centred approach.

Our work in developing the brand strategy, communications, design and user experience platforms needed to touch all areas of the organisation in a genuine and human way.

Our insights pointed us towards useful and meaningful outcomes for the customer. A brand with a genuinely human voice and a healthy respect for Australia’s diverse population. All of whom could call the bank their own.


The Board and Executive teams we worked with were ready to embrace innovation.

Our human-centred design methodology began with empathy and moved quickly to prototyping solutions collaboratively on the journey to completion.

Our consultation included education sessions where we imparted design thinking methods and tools for our client to use on an ongoing basis – this has seen a transformation in the way their internal teams are now collaborating, prototyping and working towards design-based solutions.

We developed an extremely transparent and human-centred approach, a critical aspect to ensuring the end outcomes reflected the overall ethos of the organisation.


Bank Australia’s GM of Development said on the day of launch, “We have three times the amount of foot traffic in our service centres than yesterday.”

The new brand platform (and the journey to get there) has strengthened the pride and passion already evident within the business.

With a strategic goal of reaching a specific market segment, and only two weeks from launch, the bank has seen a dynamic increase in social media activity, awareness and new customer and new social follower acquisition, giving us and our client confidence that the 2020 goal will be achieved early.


Using human-centred design we began with empathy, engaging and prototyping with the Board, Executive, customers and partners.

This lead to concepts and outcomes with customer insight and customer needs at their core – an open book brandmark, a digital user experience bread for diversity and inclusion, and many others.

Our project teams were cross-functional – strategy, design, client, production and implementation all worked together as one autonomous, cohesive, co-located unit.

We imparted design thinking methods and tools for our client to use on an ongoing basis to ensure that the user’s needs are first and foremost in ongoing initiatives

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