Ball & Doggett Digital Promotion


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Ball & Doggett is Australia’s largest distributor of paper, packaging, wide format media, inks, foils, and more to the print and design market. We were approached to create inspiring promotional material that would celebrate their digital-ready range and demonstrate to their market the possibilities of the stock and the latest printing technology. This was a great opportunity to provide a solution to a problem that many printers and designers have – often they only get one copy of a sample and if they have to give it away to their client, they no longer have a copy in their library.

Key Features


By creating fun perforated shapes that pop out of the promotional postcard, we have solved the problem described above. Every shape has both the exact paper stock and grammage, and the printing technique printed on the back so that it’s not forgotten once it’s separated from the main card. Printers and designers can give these little shapes away to their clients as either a reference for the stock or a reference for the printing technique, while still keeping the main card in their in-house sample library.


The reception of these cards has been highly successful. Sales representatives are able to deliver these promotional sample packs to their clients and really wow them with the high impact patterns and the printing execution, thus increasing both interest and sales. Not only that, but it visually demonstrates Ball and Doggett’s dedication to pushing their products and printing techniques to the limit, in new and exciting ways.


By using a totally different and rarely seen printing or foiling techniques on every card, we are able to demonstrate the vast possibilities and effects one can create with the paper and with digital printing, thus inspiring others to explore and play themselves. The large B2 wrap around the cards also demonstrates new large format digital printing, which is a printing technology that has only just become available in Australia. Digital printing was previously only possible for small run, small format jobs.

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