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  • for kids
  • Lisa Edlund Tjernberg
  • Dannielle Michaels
  • Monique Filer


The toddler cutlery set takes a user-centered design approach to traditional eating utensils. The design is a new take on children’s cutlery, currently there is nothing else like it on the market. The system encompasses a round flower-shaped “flork” fork design and shovel-like spoon. Utensils are to be used together to empower children to eat independently, and introduce the concept of using two utensils.

The design process was undertaken in consultation with a leading pediatric occupational therapist, sense checked at every stage, ensuring the concept works for this level of child development.

Key Features


1. Patented Round Fork “Flork” Design

The cutlery set’s patented “flork” (round flower-shaped fork) is a revolutionary design in children’s cutlery. The round shape of the fork takes into account how a child naturally opens their mouth in an “O”-shape. The circular shape of the “flork” ensures, no matter what angle or orientation the child holds the implement, the food will always find their mouth.

The “flork’s” prongs are rounded on the outside to be soft on gums and baby teeth. It also contains a sharper prong in the center to pierce food, but is lower set to prevent injury.


2. Patented Shovel-Spoon Design

The patented angle of the large shovel-spoon, enables the child to scoop up food and use it to push food onto the fork. The deep scoop/scallop of the spoon also enables the child to actually hold more food; versus a standard flatter spoon that children often have difficulty using with liquid or “balancing” food.

Likewise, the utensils can be used independently, i.e. spoon or fork only, or in conjunction with each other. The cutlery meets the child wherever they are, in terms of stages of development.


3. Empowering Children to Self-Feed

The toddler cutlery set uses two implements to begin training children to eat with two utensils. The system is used to transition children onto the fork and knife stage. However, a knife is intentionally not included as it is developmentally not relevant. Instead, children are encouraged to scoop food onto the shovel-spoon and pierce with the fork.

As a child experiments with self-feeding, it is important that the tools they use give them a sense of empowerment and achievement. Hence, our utensils are multidirectional; the child can put food in their mouths in any direction.


4. Ergonomic Non-Slip Handles

The cutlery set’s size and angled handles ensure maximum grip for small sized hands. Children at this age lack fine motor skills, the angled handles factor this in and provide correct hand to mouth positioning when eating. The handle portion of the cutlery has a TPE coating to prevent slipping.

Since, the handles are round, they easily fill the child’s hands and give them a greater sense of control, without needing too much strength.


5. Compact, Portable, and Easy-Clean Design

The cutlery set is compact and completely portable. The included clear carrying-case keeps the cutlery, and parent’s bag, clean and hygienic before use. It also contains dirty cutlery after use.

All components are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free, dishwasher safe, and recyclable.

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