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Mealtime is messy, but kids’ clothes don’t have to be. Our latest baby feeding innovation, smock bib, has kids covered…literally.

Unlike other smock bibs on the market, the smock bib is uniquely designed to cover the child\’s legs when seated in a high chair. It also features a food catcher pocket that sits above the table line.

Smock bib is made from super lightweight and waterproof fabric, and is machine washable. It’s quick drying and features adjustable neck and wrist openings. And it tucks away into its own integrated pouch, making it the go to bib, on the go.

Key Features


All-over Coverage

Smock bib’s all-over coverage design does what traditional bibs cannot do: give parents the kind of protection that doesn’t require a change of clothing after every meal. Coverage of legs, with its unique shape, is what sets our bib apart on the market.

Smock bib comes in a range of 4 fun and modern colours, is made from a super lightweight and waterproof fabric, to make sure mess doesn’t seep through to clothing, is machine washable, and made of quick drying materials. Of course, it is BPA, Phthalates, and PVC free, making sure it is safe for tots and environment.


Minimising Workload, Saving Resources

The fundamental issue that led us to producing smock bib is the fact that toddlers make a mess, when exploring and trying food. This often results in several clothing changes a day, taking up a lot of parents’ time, and more importantly a lot of wasted resources due to frequent washing.

We hope that through consistent use of smock bib, parents will not only be saving time, but will be saving countless amounts of precious resources, i.e. water and energy. Which is why smock bib is made of quick drying materials, making sure it’s ready to use at every meal.


Original Design

Investing in original design is key to strategic growth at; it is imperative to come up with innovative and problem-solving products. As a result, smock bib was developed.

In early development stages, observational research was conducted to define problematic areas, in the area of feeding. After which, several rounds of prototyping and testing were conducted, refinements to the design took form into the final product.

To secure the right shelf position, smock bib had to be commercial, as well as good in design. The concept was presented to key retailers to ensure best pricing and minimalist packaging options.


Ingenious Integrated Pouch

We wanted parents to not only make use of smock bib at home, but also take it with them when on the go. Which is why we designed it with an integrated pouch, which enables the user to tuck away the smock bib when not in use, or making it compact and perfect when heading somewhere outside of the home. Not to mention, reduce, or completely eliminate, the use of disposable bibs when on the go.

The integrated loop also makes it easy to store smock bib on a stroller or nappy bag.


All in the details

The functionality of all over coverage is the main attraction, however smock bib comes with many other features. The user will find that smock bib comes with a built-in food catcher (unlike other smock bibs on the market) we made sure to design it so that it sits above a high-chair and or table’s edge; making sure that is doesn’t miss a crumb.

It also features adjustable Velcro wrist and neck openings, ensuring a great and not too tight fit. For ages 6-18 months.

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