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The fresh food feeder has been redefined with a food-grade silicone pouch that’s gentle on sensitive young gums, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The silicone fresh food feeder lets babies enjoy self-feeding in a fun and safe way. Children as young as 4 months can enjoy melon, soft fruits, cool steamed veggies and more. Simply twist the easy click-lock ring to open, fill the silicone pouch with fresh food, pop it back on and enjoy!

Unique tripod design lets children grasp with ease whilst keeping the feeder clean and hygienic when placed down on a table or surface. Hygiene cap included to keep the feeder clean when not in use or on the go.

Key Features


World first, self-standing feeder introduces baby 4m+ to variety of tastes & textures without choking concern. Click-lock ring ensures food is securely contained within perforated, silicone pouch to safely release flavour as baby sucks and chews. Quirky, colourful aesthetic and intuitive design supports key developmental milestones; visual stimulation, fine motor-skills, weaning and teething. Empowers children to explore independently, with option for assisted feeding. Non-toxic silicone pouch and upright tripod system addresses global concerns around infant feeding and hygiene, enabling safe first-food exploration. Sustainable and nutritional alternative to prepackaged baby foods, the feeder can be filled with fresh, home-prepared options.


The feeder promotes safe baby-led weaning. Constructed using premium food-grade materials, the feeder is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free and complies with relevant EN14371 standards and regulations for children’s feeding products.
The feeder supports sustainability with ability to purchase replacement silicone pouches, to extend products life cycle. The feeder has a minimalist approach to design, a deliberate intention to optimise efficiencies and minimise waste during production process. Constructed from recyclable PP and silicone, no glues/screws are used in construction. The feeder can be disassembled, and each component marked for correct recycling at end of product life cycle.

3’s global footprint provides an opportunity to showcase Victoria’s design culture with this quality world-first, free-standing fresh food feeder. Setting the benchmark in infant feeding products, the feeder offers both a developmental learning product and feeding aid in one, with enhanced safety and hygiene features to cater to the specific needs of all users, children and parents. The feeder intuitively supports children to self-feed and explore new tastes, textures, sights and smells whilst encouraging parents to prepare fresh, nutritional food for consumption at home or on-the-go. The feeder offers a sustainable alternative to pre-packaged purees.


Innovatively designed for safe self-led weaning, the feeder empowers confidence through a high-quality user experience. Little learners grasp tripod with one/both hands from any angle, to independently navigate sensory experiences. Third leg lets parents assist. Flavour released through the soft silicone pouch, moulded for sensitive young gums/teeth and removable for simple fill, use and clean. Upright, free-standing construct ensures pouch avoids contact with surfaces, even if knocked on its side, to keep the mouthpiece clean and germ-free during use. Overall form, smooth edges and curved lines provide an aesthetic that honours the gentle and inquisitive nature of young children.


– Ideal way to introduce fresh foods and solids, safely and hygienically.
– Food grade soft silicone feeder, is gentle on baby’s gums.
– Ergonomic easy grip tripod design lets bubs hold with one/both hands, at any angle. Or, parents can help hold it for tots too.
– Unique tripod design, stands up to keep feeder clean.
– Click-long ring for easy removal and attachment.
– Hygiene cap included keeps feeder clean when not in use and on-the-go.
– All parts disassemble for easy cleaning.
– Dishwasher (top rack only) and steam steriliser safe.

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