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Kids love choice throughout the day, so we’ve designed a wholefood lunchbox that offers parents and kids more flexibility.

Features a large compartment that fits a whole sandwich, plus gel cooler underneath the tray keeps food fresh. Remove tray and the compartment easily fits alternatives like pasta and salad.

Unique flexi whole-fruit holder stores a whole apple or similar, as the stretchy seal bends around the fruit – no cutting required! Leak-proof silicone seals store wet foods like watermelon and yoghurt.

Custom-divider slides across to adjust compartment size as needed. Remove altogether to fit whole banana or wrap.

Key Features


Not your conventional lunchbox, the lunchbox offers a playful experience that appeals to the inquisitive and spirited nature of children. With an easy-open clip system empowering little learners to navigate mealtimes independently and an all-in-one layout to delight and develop the senses, whilst eliminating the need for multiple, fiddly containers.

The multi-compartmental design provides flexibility to parents with a practical solution to healthy wholefood meal preparation catering to evolving individual and global tastes, as well as dietary needs. The sliding compartment divider and world-first silicone stretch fruit feature combines versatility with efficiency to pack whole fruit options.


The lunchbox is an all-in-one solution to wholefood preparation and consumption. Parents can provide healthy options with reduced preparation time, no cutting or wrapping necessary. Tactile design lets children hold, open and eat independently. The unique design gives a view of their ‘day on a plate’ with variety, color and texture to delight the senses.

Supports nude food movement by using dividers and seals for various sized, wet & dry foods. Eliminates the need for excess food wrapping, single use plastics and pouches.

Made from food-grade PP and designed for disassembly, lunchbox parts (excluding seal and handle) can be recycled.


The lunchbox showcases the benefits of investing in professional design by truly understanding the unique needs of every user.

The configuration of the lunchbox is fun and modern, yet versatile and practical to appeal to young and old. Clean surfaces and simple elements help parents encourage meal independence. The patent-pending silicone stretch provides children the opportunity to understand shape and fit, provides tactile appeal and strong visual identity, to align to the aesthetic.

The lunchbox supports the wholefood and nude-food movements by offering a useful, economical long-term alternative to pre-packaged foods and single-use plastics.


The multi-compartmental configuration of the lunchbox meets the overarching desire for versatility and adaptability to offer a variety of fresh wholefoods – both wet and dry.

Featuring a world-first patent-pending fruit stretch feature, allows fresh whole fruit to be packed in the lunchbox – no peeling or cutting required, while keeping a compact footprint.

Large sandwich compartment fits gel cooler for all-day freshness, and removable tray provides extra space for greater diversity in food options, to suit global tastes and dietary needs.

A singular, long compartment supports variety and the functional divider can be added to separate foods further.


– Easy to open design, with handles and large grip clip encourages independence.
– Large compartment fits a whole sandwich or other like bagel/roll. Or remove tray to use for pasta or salads.
– Gel cooler pack (included) sits underneath sandwich tray to help keep food cooler and fresher for longer.
– Custom divider enables you to adjust the compartment size. Or remove to fit a whole banana or wrap.
– Leak-proof silicone seals secure wet foods, like watermelon and yoghurt. Seals are removable for easy cleaning and prevents mould build up.
– Unique whole fruit compartment with stretchy seal means no need to cut fruit into small sizes.
– Freezer safe.

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