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  • for kids
  • Lisa Edlund Tjernberg
  • Miroslav Egorov
  • Sylvain Amatoury
  • Meyanne Chiam


The drink bottle has been designed specifically for small children, encompassing a unique combination of features that enables kids to drink from and operate independently and easily. Made from Tritan™, its ergonomic triangle shape bottle is designed specifically for smaller hands, making it easier for kids to grip while drinking. Its simple push button pops open the flip-lid when compressed, enabling small children to open or close it independently and easily. Its unique 2-way valve in the straw-top prevents leaks or spills. Carry-handle in the lid enables children to carry it between class or playground easily.

Key Features


Our challenge was to design a children’s drink bottle that would suit a target group of 2+ years that provides greater functionality for the child and the parent than currently exists.
Although there are numerous other drinking products on the market, the combinations of a flip-lid bottle with carry handle, spill-proof and venting features provides a unique set of user benefits. We also wanted to design a bottle in a unique shape to suit the target user, enabling them to better hold and control the drinking process. Also, make it as easy to clean, assemble/disassemble for the parent as possible.


• Brand reputation: Every product has a purpose and solves a problem. Creating an Australian-designed solution to a common parenting problem strengthens our position as a market leader.
• Market share and financial sustainability: New and complementary products that enhance our offering and fill a gap in the market, translate into greater ROI.
• Building enterprise value: unique design, backed by strong intellectual property, enhances enterprise value.
• Social outcomes: Empowers the child to use the product on their own, developing independence and motor skills
• Environmental: Removable bumper enables the product to grow with the child and increases the life span of the product, minimising landfill. Replacement straws, sold separately, increases the longevity of the products, reducing landfill.

3 has invested significantly in building an in-house team of dynamic and creative product and graphic designers and product engineers. This has enabled us to commercialise ideas faster and bring to market products that truly redefine. As a design-led, child-focused product company, professional design drives everything we do. It’s our DNA.
We think about the child and the parent. What do each need from the product and how can we best solve their challenge? But we never assume. We do our market and user research, listening to what our customers want. We involve kids, parents, retailers and distributors in our design process. This ensures the product is commercially viable and will resonate with the end-user.


Currently, all bottles use a separate steel/silicone-tube spring that pushes the button back in place. Our design has a silicone straw gasket that integrates the spring, utilising the natural properties of silicone to spring the button back into position. As the spring, o-ring and straw are all combined into one piece, this reduces parts and manufacturing complexity, and time. The gasket also features an integrated pull-tab, enabling easy cleaning and assembly/disassembly for the end user. The bottle is a triangle shape with depression in the form, designed to fit the way kids hold and grip a bottle when they drink.


• The straw-top uses user generated pressure and suction to open the valve – a motion similar to that used during breastfeeding
• Food grade, non-toxic materials: PP, Tritan, silicone, TPE
• Made from 100% recyclable/ up-cyclable materials like PP, Tritan, Silicone and TPE with each part being marked for
• Ease of disassembly/recycle-ability at the end stage of products life
• Replacement straws, sold separately, increases the longevity of the products, reducing landfill and wastage. (Most competitor drink bottles don\’t provide replacement straws, which means the entire bottle ends up in landfill).

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