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  • for kids
  • Lisa Edlund Tjernberg
  • Sylvain Amatoury
  • Miroslav Egorov
  • Meyanne Chiam


A common parenting frustration is their toddler throwing things from the pram or highchair. Enter the connect-a-cup, the ultimate drop stopper. This Australian designed and made innovation ensures items such as sippy cups, bottles, teethers, pacifiers, fresh food feeders and snack holders are always close at hand.

It also features 2 unique safety breakaways that release with excessive tension for peace of mind. This feature also enables parents to easily switch out a cup for a teether in a snap, simply by disconnecting the strap and replacing it with a spare connecting piece.

Key Features


Solving problems is what is all about. Designing innovative solutions to life’s little challenges for parents and kids. What makes us unique and enables us to forge ahead in a highly competitive global market is the thought and investment we make in design, functionality & aesthetic.

The connect-a-cup has redefined the market with its unique approach to a common problem – kids dropping or throwing things. With 3-distinct parts that click together, giving total adjustability to different size items and innovative breakaway points that release with excessive tension – a feature not offered by other products on the market


• Brand reputation: Every product has a purpose and solves a problem. Creating an Australian-made solution to a common parenting problem strengthens our position as a market leader.
• Market share and financial sustainability: New and complementary products that enhance our offering and fill a gap in the market, translate into greater ROI.
• Building enterprise value: unique design, backed by strong intellectual property, enhances enterprise value.
• Environmental and social outcomes: making parent’s lives easier and reducing frustration: happy mum, happy tot. From an environmental perspective, it is designed to minimise waste in manufacturing and is durable and reusable for longer product lifespan

3 has invested significantly in building an in-house team of dynamic and creative product and graphic designers and product engineers. This has enabled us to commercialise ideas faster and bring to market products that truly redefine. As a design led, child focused product company, professional design drives everything we do. It’s our DNA.

We think about the child and the parent. What do each need from the product and how can we best solve their challenge? But we never assume. We do our market and user research, listening to what our customers want. We involve kids, parents, retailers and distributors in our design process. This ensures the product is commercially viable and will resonate with the end user.


The connect-a-cup on face value looks like a simple product. But there is significant design thought and user-centric design in its simplicity. It ultimately solves the common problem of kids dropping items from the highchair or pram, saving time, money from lost items and parenting frustration. Parents expressed desire to detach and refill cups easily. Our solution, the ability to remove the item in a snap. Enter the breakaways, which double as an easy refill option as well as a unique safety feature that prevents a child wrapping the strap around their neck as it releases with tension of more than 450grams.


The connect-a-cup is designed from food grade TPE which is durable, flexible and has a premium feel. The adjustable straps provide greater flexibility on items being held and there is a space to write your name or number. Like all products, it is BPA, Phthalates and PVC free so it’s safe for kids and the environment. Proudly Australian design and made with the Australian Made endorsement.

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