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Description’s patented bowl and straw is a versatile 3-in-1 product that elevates the toddler eating experience. The bowl and straw makes meal time more fun for kids to drink and eat soup or cereal; while encouraging greater self-feeding independence. Included is a snack insert that transforms the bowl into an on- the-go snack holder that sparks the child’s curiosity to “peek inside”, all the while keeping whole food from spilling.

Designed with 2 users in mind, the child-centric side using fun and bold colours, while maintaining a parent-centric modern tableware feel.

Key Features


1. A Versatile Feeding Tool

Our 3-in-1 bowl offers parents flexibility when feeding their child at home or on-the-go, served up with a side of fun! Parents can choose to use the bowl to provide 3 unique eating experiences:

1. Attaching the clip-on straw, making it easier and more fun for kids to drink and eat soup or cereal.
2. Inserting the flexible snack insert transforming the bowl into an on-the-go snack holder.
3. Using the bowl as-is or with tear-drop edge for easy sipping.

Separate storage lid makes storing left-overs, or taking food on-the-go, a breeze.


2. Ergonomic and Interactive Design

The bowl is ergonomic and easy to hold which makes it accessible, facilitating learning through ease of use.

The bowl’s low to the table and wide handles prevent spilling and allow the child to hold the bowl when sipping or eating with a utensil. The tear-drop shape funnels the liquid into the mouth and encourages “hold and sip” without the straw.

The straw is child-sized and silicone makes it soft/safe on gums. Since, the child is in control of the eating process it further enhances independence and encourages interactive use during mealtime.


3. Encourages Fun and Positive Association with Mealtime

The bowl encourages the child to “eat it all up” by making it fun to eat or drink everything from the tear-drop shaped portion, or suck up the last drop through the attachable straw. Thus, creating fun and positive associations of finishing everything in the bowl and decreasing food wastage.

Children are more able to partake in the same eating options as family members with food items such as, soup; facilitating a sense of inclusivity and independent eating. This also opens up the possibility for other food options from an earlier age.


4. Stackable and Portable Design

Practical design allows for space saving storage when not in use, or maximum stackability when being used for food storage in the fridge. The bowl’s sizing is just right for portability. Tight-fitting storage lid ensures dry food stays put when tossed in parent’s bag or diaper bag.

All components are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free, and dishwasher safe.


5. Environmental Design

The 3-in-1 bowl is designed to have longevity after a child has grown out of the toddler stage; it can be used to serve up snacks to older children and even adults.

The bowl cuts down on having to have 3 different products to serve 3 different purposes. The inside of the bowl is polished to avoid food getting stuck, ensuring easy-cleanup and water conservation during cleaning; bowl and separate parts are all dishwasher safe.

All parts are available as replacements, allowing parents to only have to replace a particular part and not the whole product.

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