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Axton Finance are an established mortgage broker based in Melbourne’s Hawthorn East. A business built on trust, confidence, and professional expertise, Axton specialise in residential finance solutions but service a wide range of clientele. The team approached us to conduct UX research and revitalise their website. Our findings inspired a strategy-led approach that generates leads and capitalises on Axton’s key points of difference: size, personalised approach, and independent operator status. The site features a bold aesthetic that connotes quality, with copy to clearly communicate Axton’s ability to match quality products and services to customer needs.

Key Features


The existing Axton Finance website was not equipped to support the business’s growth objectives, functioning as more of a validation step than a marketing tool. With convoluted user journeys and limited product pages, Axton struggled to make traction with key market segments. Breaking the site out by individual mortgage products not only improved the overall search experience, it also optimised the site for conversion, satisfying Axton’s desire to use its digital presence to acquire new leads.


We devised a digital solution that made submitting an enquiry a simple, straightforward step for users. Each product page features an enquiry call to action and accompanying form whose minimalistic aesthetic and catchy, product-specific copy encourages the customer through the sales funnel. Further, paring down the amount of personal information requested before speaking to a broker increases the likelihood of a prospective client moving through the process.


Research revealed that engaging a mortgage broker and commissioning financial services often requires in-depth consideration and a high degree of trust. To facilitate the trust-building process, we adopted a conversational and personable tone of voice. We complemented this copy with a variety of social proofing techniques: testimonials, bespoke photography, and recognisable lender logos.


At times, there can be confusion around the differences between engaging an independent operator like Axton and working directly with the bank. To proactively address these potential objections, we integrated interactive elements on both the home and product pages that juxtaposed the type of service quality and expertise Axton is known for against the equivalent service levels of larger financial organisations.


Axton places great importance on delivering quality customer service. Clients who visit Axton’s brick-and-mortar location experience this commitment firsthand, but the business wanted to ensure this experience was replicated online, too. We supported this objective by crafting seamless CRM integrations that streamlined the offline sales process. Doing so created back office efficiencies in terms of managing and responding to enquiries, and tracking performance. More importantly, however, it minimised wait times for users to hear back from someone on the Axton team.

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