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The AUUG Motion Synth is a combination of hardware (Motion Synth Grip) and software (Motion Synth App) that transforms a mobile device (e.g. iPhone or iPod touch) into a motion- and touch-based musical instrument.

It allows first-time musicians to enjoy an expressive experience of playing music within minutes rather than months of practice time, and provides professional musicians with a deeper level of interaction with their sounds and stronger connection to their audience.

The Motion Synth has already been seen by millions worldwide due to its inclusion as a prototype in Apple’s international iPhone 5S TV ad campaign:

Key Features


Powerful and compelling expressive control

The Motion Synth has created an entirely new opportunity for musicians to expressively control sound and visuals through gesture and touch.

The incredible movement freedom of your arm, hand, and fingers are precisely tracked using the motion sensors and screen of your mobile device, and then translated into musical signals by the Motion Synth App.

This is complemented by the physical transformation of your mobile device into an ergonomic musical instrument via the Motion Synth Grip.

The Grip and App were designed in tandem, creating user-benefits that could not be achieved within one discipline alone.


Intuitive, comfortable, and adjustable musical interaction

The Motion Synth Grip is a tough but super-light anodized aluminium frame that takes care of holding your mobile device, letting your fingers focus on playing notes via the touchscreen. The Grip’s form and the App’s motion-tracking were designed together to best capture natural and intuitive human movement.

Superb ergonomics and an extra-wide adjustable elastic strap assure comfort during play, and tactile feedback from the adjustable screen overlay lets you always play the right note. The App’s buttons adjust to match adjustments to the screen overlay, accommodating a broad range of hand sizes.


Sustainable and accessible design

The Motion Synth Grip is ~80% aluminium and ~10% Australian-manufactured polypropylene; both of which are highly recyclable. Its sustainable design approach also includes minimal product packaging that is almost entirely comprised of recyclable/biodegradable cardboard.

The Motion Synth effectively ‘upcycles’ mobile devices into powerful musical instruments at a radically-lower material use-profile and consumer price point relative to comparable musical interfaces. In addition to reducing environmental impact, this makes rich musical experiences accessible to broader range of people. This price difference has also contributed to a much higher rate of adoption relative to other alternative musical instruments.


User-driven functionality and compatibility

The product’s design process was extremely user-focussed: After successfully completing a crowdfunding campaign to design and manufacture the Motion Synth, we intensively surveyed our crowdfunding backers to discover their desired use-cases and most desired features, down to the level of even collecting their hand measurements to optimise adjustability limits. This has helped us refine a design process in which ongoing feature development is user-driven; not in the sense that we simply develop what users request, but where we seek to understand their ultimate goals and develop what is needed to achieve them.


An adaptive pathway from beginner to virtuoso

Traditional instruments can be overwhelming because they immediately require a beginner to control multiple aspects of sound simultaneously.

By contrast, our cross-disciplinary design process allowed us to examine the inherent adaptability of the Motion Synth’s movement-based sound control. This approach led us to design the App to be extremely configurable, allowing a beginner to engage in very simple sound control to begin with, but gradually progress to greater levels of expressive control as they seek to challenge and improve their skills. This built-in adaptability is also attracting significant interest from music therapy/rehabilitation professionals.

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