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In celebrating a rebrand from the ‘Blood Service’ to Australian Red Cross Lifeblood in November – Best was engaged as Head Human Centred Design Consultant to drive the multidisciplinary design process that sought to bring together several internal innovation project streams into delivering a Donor Centre of the Future. This was anchored to understanding spatial use in a better way to meet the project objectives of leveraging design pillars and principles, technology innovations, and interrogating existing systems to deliver a more efficient operational service design model, whilst amplifying a new-era of Donor experience.

Key Features


This strategy project for Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has embedded the philosophies of human centred design into the Donor Centre network across the country. Leveraging the combined prowess of all multidisciplinary design streams, for the first time in the organisation’s history, the Donor Centre of the Future brought together every facet of operations with the result propelling an interconnected future state of the critically important built environment touchpoint. In reimagining, we have excelled in creating significant efficiencies in both operations and the overall Donor experience.


The final design strategy output was a full set of design guidelines that set out the ‘sum of parts’ coming together to create a more efficient Donor Centre. Percentage spatial planning rules, industrial product suite, new medical storage technologies, a much more cohesive and simplified service design, and a series of interior palette options providing flexibility all deliver a more efficient per m2 return on investment, and a whole new lens on the Donor experience.
The guidelines also allow Lifeblood to use the design strategy moving forward to ensure that any new requirements are designed in a complementary way.


The space transform strategy delivers a better connectedness to Australian Red Cross Lifeblood’s new brand ethos and personality, as well as providing the organisation significant operational efficiencies moving forward. This includes a new custom designed operational storage and work-kit suite of industrial products that meets a more efficient and streamlined service design model, being able to have donor couches closer together using new advancements in technology (meaning more donations per m2), and being able to interrogate prior understandings of the Therapeutic Goods Administration Act requirements in driving a more welcoming, warm and time efficient Donor experience.


Using Best’s human centred design facilitator TheLabSeries, ideation was at the core of driving successful outcomes for this design strategy project. In involving both spatial-user segments of donors and operational teams – everyone was directly involved in ideating the future. This process then led to rapid test, learn and validation of new concepts converging with technology advancements (medical and operational), were cumulatively included in the final design guidelines. A new suite of physical operational products for staff as well as spaces for donors to do more than just donate were some of the resultant innovations.


The interdisciplinary services delivered by Best within this project included;

Spatial Planning
Interior Architecture
Industrial Design
Experience Design
Information Design
Service Design
Experience Transformation Strategy
User + Customer Experience Strategy
Journey Planning
Human Centred Design Strategy
Research, Insights + Benchmarking
Design Guidelines
Mentoring + Capacity Building Strategies
The Lab Series by BEST

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