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The ACO is a world-renowned creative force. Its unique and electrifying stage presence is unparalleled, and demands an online home that meets the orchestra’s unapologetically high standard.

A reflection of ACO’s brand, the website needs to be an extension of the live concert experience – dynamic, artistic, brave, magnetic and curious.

ACO selected Bravo as their collaborator to build something challenging, new and experimental. The end result pushed the boundaries of what is expected of Sitecore websites, creating a best-of-breed experience that will empower the ACO to continually strengthen their engagement with their audience online.

Key Features


The Australian Chamber Orchestra engaged Bravo to redevelop its website. ACO needed to migrate to a contemporary digital platform, deliver a user-centred digital experience and elevate the digital brand positioning.

The progressive design caters for a range of user personas from students through to philanthropists.

Through extensive discovery, prototyping and usability testing, the ACO website is aesthetically stunning and attuned to a wide range of users while also serving the business goal of optimising ticket sales and attracting a larger, younger audience.

The solution is fully device responsive and accessible, highly modular and customisable to manage seasonal campaigns and content.


Efficiencies in editing via Sitecore’s Experience Editor, empowering a continued focus on user-experience.

Personalisation capabilities that will lead to improved audience engagement through serving relevant content to the user.

Increased organic search visibility from 5% in April to almost 28% in September.
This is significantly higher than the ACO’s top competitors of which the highest has a visibility of approximately 12%. This significant increase in organic search market share will eventuate to a growth in audience and conversions.

A seamless purchase pathway including an interactive seat selector, connecting directly to Tessitura (their ticketing platform), encouraging website users to become ticket-buyers.


Bravo’s research process enabled ACO to deepen its audience knowledge and customer-focus.

The collaboration between Bravo & ACO ensured that design decisions were understood, supported and embedded in day-to-day practice.

The new design has transformed the look and feel and interaction with the ACO from the previous website design.

Mobile-responsiveness of the solution will lead to increased sales conversions on mobile devices.

The website launched in August 2019 and sales results are consistent with previous years but likely to transform as new digital marketing features such as personalisation are implemented on the site.


Bravo’s digital designers and Moffat Moffat brand designers collaborated to produce a brand aesthetic that was accessible and impactful online, ensuring consistency across disciplines.

ACO and Bravo engaged a cross-disciplinary team to inform and lead the project development, ensuring all business and user needs were addressed.

Bravo & ACO have redesigned the typical purchase pathway and online ticketing experience to improve the ease of use and overall experience.


Fully customised integration of Sitecore 9.1 content management system, SmartSeat seat selection tool and Tessitura customer relationship and ticketing system.

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