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ITA (Industry Training Australia) operates the Australian Government funded Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service.

The Service’s primary objective is to increase awareness of apprenticeship and traineeship options among prospective students and career advisers.

ITA already had a website but it wanted to develop a mobile-friendly tool. In response to this brief, Get Started created a solution that would deliver the content as a web app. AusAppPathways has been well received with over 2,500 downloads since February 2016 (around 310 per month).

Key Features


1. Simplified user pathways
The app has significantly improved the user experience for people on mobile devices. In part, this is the result of a simplified user journey. Instead of having many different pathways and menu options to bring them to the same destination, the user is taken on a simple journey where flexible filtering options help them eliminate information that is not immediately relevant. Users can also easily toggle the filtering to see how changing one aspect (such as location) might change the results. For example, a user can easily toggle between options available in Victoria or NSW.


2. Keyword search functionality
Users can shortcut the pathway to their destination by performing a keyword search. For example, if they already have an interest in becoming an automotive electrician, they can skip the ‘Browse’ approach designed to identify career interests, and go straight into specific information.


3. Removal of non-mobile-friendly features
Another aspect of the app that has been significantly simplified relative to the website is the job detail pages. Features such as sidebars and abstract buttons have been removed in favour of a more linear and mobile-friendly layout.


4. Technical innovation
The AusAppPathways app is innovative because of the way it has been built – using content that is stored in the website’s content management system and reusing that content and distributing it to other platforms for the app. This innovative use of technology means that there is no need for a monolithic content management system. In other words, the technical design of this app enables ITA to present the user with a completely new front-end experience without having to fully rebuild the back end.

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