Atticus Watch


  • Huckleberry & Co. Watches


The Atticus is designed to be timeless and celebrates the use of kinetic energy in powering the timepiece. It removes the need for batteries and therefore electricity for charging.

In an industry that is quickly heading towards smart functions and sensors, we felt although convenient, these watches will be rendered unusable after a few years due to the constant change in technology and reliance on batteries. It is important for us to go back to the traditional technology of mechanical watches – an art that requires no batteries or aging chips and bring it into the 21st century.

Key Features


The bezel is designed to be slim and free of any adornments to keep the focus on the dial. The dial features a sans-serif typeface to help keep the face clean and modern.

The red from the power reserve dial provides a striking accent to the face to break away from the color palette. Power can be restored via movement of the watch or hand winding the crown clockwise.

Connecting the straps to the dial, wired lugs have been used to separate the straps from the body and prevent distractions from the dial.

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